AusGamers: Dante's Inferno Review


While overall the cosmetic side of the game is unique and engrossing, the gameplay side is marginally uninspired. It does everything right given the pedigree, but we've been there and done that. What's worrying about this is the nature of repetition because of it, which in turn leads to frustration. A lot of the bosses are cheap, and take multiple attempts to take down, while certain bottlenecks, or locked areas with waves of enemies will need to be repeated from the first spawn if you die, no matter how close you are to the end of the wave. And if you play it on the hardest setting (a harder one unlocks if you beat it), you can definitely expect to be walking away both ashamed and frustrated.

Still, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't compelled to finish the game, if only to see how messed up it gets at the end (I'm close, and so far it's very cool in terms of imagination) - it all just depends on your patience and ability to utilise combos and attacks in creative and tactical ways. Either way, for the shock value, and imagination alone, I highly suggest at least checking this out - it's visually unique, if nothing else.

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