Square spends millions to fulfil Fantasy

Millions will be spent on the marketing campaign for Final Fantasy XIII

And Square Enix has called the game one of the biggest entertainment launches of Q1.

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THE MAX SPEED 213205d ago

"into April, including spots during football matches."

what football matches ? isnt the SuperBowl sunday? lol unless they're talking about NCAA?


You need to draw on your fanbase. You can do this easily, but you'll probably do something stupid like show the 360 logo. DO NOT do this. This is NOT your fanbase and they do NOT buy your games. Keep it more ambiguous or PS3 if you MUST show a console.

The Killer3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

square just missed it up by going to DVD with 360!! they cut out content that can make a complete game!!

besides 360 is a console of hardcore shooting fans!! why well they want to take a big risk and dump down the game to release it for last gen DVD technology??

for their sake i really hope MS payed them 10-20 million USD or else they are in deep trouble!!

Michael-Jackson3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

PS3 Sales will be 2:1 mark my words, 360 owners only buy shooters.