Xbox Live Friends List Cap to Be Raised?

One of Xbox Live's most-requested features, the raising of the 100-friend cap, could be about to happen as Microsoft's unveils plans to discontinue the Original Xbox's online service.

Microsoft's gone on record in the past that the Xbox 360 friend cap is mostly down to backwards compatibility with the old console. Now that's not an issue, the platform holder's seemingly free to let you expand your mate roster.

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MyBlasterRunsHot3209d ago

the previous rumor was that Halo 2 was preventing this scenario

either way I can't wait I hope it happens

Bnet3433208d ago

Well Halo 2 was holding it back, so now there shouldn't be an excuse. I wonder if more improvements will be made to Xbox Live now that the original is out the way.

360 PIMP3209d ago

finally im gonna have more than 100 friends

IK IR Y IP T3208d ago

this is stupid who cares about having more then 100 friends i bet not one person on xbl now has more then 50 people they play with all the time they need to worry about more better features imo like youtube and espn

BeaArthur3208d ago

Agreed, I'm not going to speak for everyone but I have maybe 10 people I play with on my friends list. I bet I could go through my list and I wouldn't know how half of those people got on there.

NaiNaiNai3208d ago

you would be surprised.

back when I streamed games, I would have my friends list full and play with every person on there 3-4 times a week.

and I even started removing some friends that I played with alot from my friends list to make room for less common friends.

Since I knew a certain person would be on, I would just hunt them down and play with em.

this would make it so much easier.

plb3208d ago

I'm also in agreeance with you. 100+ friends would be nice but I'm more interested in the espn 360, youtube, and maybe hulu...

lowcarb3208d ago

What are you talking about? I've had 4 live accounts over the years and each one was filled with friends I actually talked with on a regular basis. No longer do I have to delete friends which is a good thing.

RockmanII73208d ago

More friends on your list = More friends online at any given time = More available games and party's to join.

Plus - I have friends who I don't talk to for months and one day I join them and become friends with them again.

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juanvan3208d ago

I can not wait for this to happen - I have been almost maxed Since HL2 has been in action. While don't see all them online at the same time due to locations, it will be nice to add more and not feel like I only have 4 slots left saving for RL friends.

Gimped Hardware3208d ago

again and agin we see microsoft innovating in the online arena and this is another example.

What with AAA after AAA titles released and to be released later this year the future is looking very bright for 360 owners.

the PSN network as a comparison is gimped beyond all belief - sure free is nice but come on - how much of a butchered online service can people honestly put up with.

and the mass majority of people on PSN seem to be under 10 i'm certain

xbox360 - jump in, play more, stay in

Karooo3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

and why so much lies about PSN, are you that insecure you need to lie to make yourself feel better? dont worry live will have lag free games someday, maybe 32 60 or 256 ;)

VictorSullivan3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

Jacob, get off the Xbox.

Ninji3208d ago

There is also a 2nd video. lol

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The story is too old to be commented.