God of War III Ultimate Trilogy Edition – Box Unveiled

Thach Quach writes:

"Hi everyone

Following my recent blog post, I'm really excited to share the design of the SCEE God of War III Ultimate Trilogy Edition box with you guys. I hope you like it, let me know your thought!"

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quarkist3208d ago

This is the way to make the ultimate edition - all the three games - Sweet. I wish MGS4 had done the same...

jellybalboa3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

SCEA YOU dare to conspire against me, come down and face me stig ammussen. god of olympus here me, get me the ultimate edition and my soul is yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as i am facing the fierce winds of financial difficulty!!!!!!!

bequietjohnnie3208d ago

Man, i want this even though i alr4eady have the original two on ps2....would it be ridiculous for me to buy the games again on ps3? but God of War III is gonna be sick. by the way, could you imagine all the metal gear games in hd and 60fps, i'm sure most MGS fans would repurchase the originals and play them again

darthv723208d ago

It would have been sweet if they had given the upgrade treatment to chains and thrown it into the mix.

I agree with others about a revamped metal gear solid collection with updated gfx on 1, 2 and 3 bundled with the master piece 4.

On a unrelated metal gear note...I read rumor konami may be doing a rebirth of the original nes metal gear and metal gear 2. Anyone else heard that?

Minimox163208d ago

yeah there is a lot of games on PS1 and Ps2 that i will like to be re-made with HD AA, and trophy support :P

offwhiteazn3208d ago

is that an in-game model of kratos or CGI?

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freediro3208d ago

did you pre-order it off Amazon or in store?

rajman3208d ago

Holy santa claus $hit....that box is awesome, March has soo many good games coming but Im not gonna miss this

Michael-Jackson3208d ago

360 has the multi-platform experience :) that's all :(

MmaFanQc3208d ago

the multi rrod experience?

Michael-Jackson3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

The poster looks realistic (O_O) but it's not in-game.

Doc Sony3208d ago

That is the ingame Kratos, maybe when the camera moves away the model gets swapped, but up close that is what Kratos looks like ingame.

DecoyOctopus3208d ago

i played the demo and thats how he looks ingame close up

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The story is too old to be commented.