Remedy reveals their reward methods with Alan Wake's first 10 Achievements

As part of an upcoming GamePro feature, Alan Wake developers Remedy Entertainment told them about 10 of the game's upcoming achievements and their reasoning for rewarding gamers for those particular actions.

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THE MAX SPEED 213208d ago

Difficult Achievements

Gunless Wonder
You suspect it already: The Achievement ploppt on only if it survives a certain part of the game without a single shot from a pistol. Only with objects from the environment may be thrown shot /.

Collateral Carnage
In this Achievement you have to try to achieved numerous indirect Kills. Approximately by ye which takes advantage of the surroundings: Shoot at branches, signs and drums to turn to your adversaries.

this game will own.

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hobokiller3207d ago

This just increased my hype for the game about ten fold.

AnttiApina3207d ago

Bright Falls Aficionado. Looks like there is a lot of alternative exploration in the game! Awesome!

Also, Damn Good Cup Of Coffee. Twin Peaks anyone :D?

I love the popculture references !

Also, Meet The Deadline! Haha!

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lelo2play3207d ago

This game looks like it's gooing to be great. Can't wait.

MetalGearRising3207d ago

I can't wait Alan Wake is gonna be amazing game also what i like most is there will be no QTE in the game.

Gigalol3207d ago

Alan Wake will own every PS3 exclusive this year hehehe...

Whait...ps3 has no games in 2010! D:

_____________________________ ___________
_____________________________ ___________

AAROon Greenberg say hi!

awesomeperson3207d ago

Wow! Congratulations. You know how to get the lowest review scores of every game and put it up! The intelligence of bots continues to amaze me.

Firstly, gamekult, the stupid website has being black listed by Sony. It gave ME2 like a 7 aswell mind you, so they are not to be trusted. WKC was never really hyped by us and well MAG reviews vary. According to how much MW2 aim assist glitch fun land the guy has being playing.

How about we wait for God of War 3 and Gran Turismo 5 before passing judgement eh?

NaiNaiNai3207d ago


WKC not hyped by N4G and ps3 fans.


oh that was jolly.

do go on. :)

JeffGUNZ3207d ago

You sony fanboys are always good for a laugh...You look at ANY PS3 fanboy who listed the AAA games coming out for 2010, and guess what was on there, WKC and MAG, yet both are not scoring AAA quality. WKC is a flop and MAG is about an 8.0 at metacritic. Gamekult doesn't count for metacritic, so it's pointless for sony to black list them. That's like a person making fun of you so you black list him, sure you avoid him, but he is still there and you didn't solve the problem.

This is a perfect example of why people laugh at sony fanboys. They name EVERY exclusive that is coming out and immediately assume it will be AAA quality and when it doesn't it's just damage control. Who cares that WKC flopped and MAG is only at 8 (which is still a solid score), the year just began and their are tons of excellent games coming out.

Stop talking about games that haven't come out, that is why fanboys look like complete jokes on this site. God of War 3 and GT 5 have not been reviewed or released, so stop assuming they are going to be amazing. Wait till they come out, then praise them. I agree with you though, I can't see God of War 3 an GT5 doing poorly.

SlipperyMooseCakes3207d ago

I'm excited. I don't want to read up too much about it because the story is the most intriguing part to me. I hope we get a release date next week.

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