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sukru3212d ago

This is originally posted Xbox Live General Manager at , and has a less controversial headline "Xbox LIVE being discontinued for Original Xbox consoles and games".

Also it's already being discussed at MajorNelson's blog as well:

shaunmcilroy3212d ago

Its not a controversial headline when it states:
1) It's being canceled for the original Xbox
2) I referenced BOTH in the article.

Winter47th3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

I still can't believe that they got people convinced to pay-to-play, it's like the greatest trick ever pulled. MW2/BC1 on the PS3's identical to the 360's if not better since Sony's quality testing's faster at deploying patches than Microsoft's LIVE.

I can't count how many times I got into arguements about Live vs PSN and it would end with "Xbox Live's better since it's a paid service, do YOU really think a paid service is worse than a free one HAHA noob" Actually, yeah, it is, I was able to check my twitter & facebook day 1 on my PS3 browser while Microsoft took an E3 convention to reveal the "surprise". And play COD4 free for 3 years after I purchased it while people had to renew their "Silver" 3 times just to play it.

If I were paying for Dedicated servers, that would be great, but if I can play MAG with 256 players lag-free, and I can't play a 10 player GeOW2 match properly, then you just know, it's just ain't worth it.

Some would say Buh Bat ts onlyh 50$ yuO poor guy! Even if it's 1$, the concept itself is wrong. Online's been free for over a decade, and it should be unless something really special's provided.

darkmurder3212d ago

Meanwhile PC still has a large community of Xbox 1 games.

kewlkat0073212d ago

Yeah Blizzard has been successful at it as well, with WOW. If you were smart and wanna build an empire, you'd jump on this trick as well....Easy money....ya

SilentNegotiator3212d ago

But at least it will give him added pressure to get a current gen console.

The Happy Baby3212d ago

*Cries, and runs to his room*
*slams door*

Blaze9293212d ago

ok this is just stupid. mean to tell me I can no longer play xbox 1 games online just for nostalgia like Halo 2? stupid

Christopher3212d ago

Standard MS policy of no support after 10 years.

darthv723211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

I have not read the article (i will after this post) but I believe what MS is doing is cutting off access to the live network for the original xbox. That doesnt mean you wont be able to play old xbox games online as you can do that through the 360. So you can still play halo2 but you need to use the 360 to do that.

Now for me, they need to make more of the older games BC with the 360 that support online that have not been updated. Otherwise this will really suck for those who have to use the original xbox to play online because the game wont play through the 360. I have a couple that are not BC with the 360 and for me to play them (online) i need to hook up my xbox.

Now I will go read the article...

edit: I just read the article...ok this sucks. No more halo 2 or crimson skies or mech warrior for me after tax day (april 15th). Oh well, I can still play them w/o multiplayer except local.

TheSadTruth3211d ago

this is COMPLETE CRAP, and I don't even play Xbox 1 games anymore

these people shell out $5 a month for a service that does NOT PROVIDE ANY SERVERS

Halo 2 is 100% P2P, there is 0 reason to discontinue Xbox live, it costs them almost nothing to maintain, people only connect to other people. They could just remove the rankings and other things they do on their end. has been running for over 10 years and costs nothing, while providing FREE DEDICATED SERVERS for ladder games

this is a joke

Darkstorn3211d ago

This is kinda sad. I loved my original Xbox to death (it was my first console - up until that point I was a PC gamer only) even though I was never able to play online (no high-speed internet :P).

RIP original Xbox.

darthv723211d ago

this could be a good thing. The restructuring of the network may actually lead to more dedicated servers for games. The elimination of the old P2P backbone for original xbox games will mean more resources could be poured into fixing the current infrastructure. Less lag and more higher capacity multiplayer games in the future.

Now it doesnt seem so bad (if this is true).

vhero3211d ago

Why do people support 360 looking at the lifespan of the original Xbox compared to PS1 and PS2.... Not to mention People actually PAY to play online. They only got away with it as Sony were second with there online if they were first there would have been no way MS could have charged. However if Sony advertised the hell out of FREE online play it would really hurt MS but they don't and that's there problem.

Qdog3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

I will continue to play my xbox even after this happens. The reason I sold my 360 and went back to the original was due to reliability issues as well as my favorite games not having BC support(i.e. Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath, Otogi: Myth of Demons, Otogi 2, Deus Ex: Invisible War, and the list goes on and on). Battlefield 2 will be affected by this, but no worries here, I still love SP. I understand Microsoft's position in this matter, and I have no problems with it, but if they really want to appeal to those that love Xbox1 games to upgrade to their current-gen offering, they need to seriously update the BC list, as I will stick with my Xbox, even without Network support, just for the games and the widescreen support without the black bars.

pixelsword3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

"Microsoft have finally heard the calls of beleaguered Xbox LIVE users…They're cancelling the Xbox LIVE service for the original black and green console which probably the best advancement of the service since Xbox 360 launched in 2005!"

Is that true? Who is calling for the end of XBL on the original XboX? Some people are poor and can't afford a new console and really enjoy gaming on the original XboX, which was BETTER THAN THE PS2, especially in the online arena (deal with it). The original XBL community was a trailblazing influence in gaming and the most important multiplayer advancement on consoles since the Dreamcast first introduced multiplayer gaming.

XBL, if you were a person, I'd thank you for showing everyone else how to do it right.

I hope I can go over my cousins house on the 15th and play on it's last day so I can give Halo a proper send-off.

darthv723211d ago

To answer your first question. I support any console with good games regardless of the parent companies decision making. Sega made lots of mistakes with their consoles but it didnt stop me from getting them and the various great games available for them.

I sort of see it like the 360 is MS's genesis in the sense that they couldnt make a dent with the original xbox in the empire sony had with the ps2. Sega faced similar situation with their master system against the nes. It didnt matter that the master sys was better, it didnt have the consumer response the nes did (along with game support). Sega came out with the genesis shortly after and turned lots of heads. Especially nintendo's when they saw their market share starting to decline.

Sony was dismissing the xbox brand in the same manner. Until it became a threat (with 360) to their market share. It happens in business. But simply, I support the games and if I have to buy the various systems to play be it. Some people actually pass up great titles simply because they have a grudge (or whatever) against the company responsible for the system. That just seems to limiting (in my opinion).

As for paying for live, you have to figure the times then were about community based interaction. Think AOL and even compuserve before that. Communities that let people interact without wandering aimlessly through the internet. It was different times then. I can say now that peoples perception of the internet has evolved to be more self sufficient and less relying on a community based online service (like AOL).

Gaming never really had that on a console until xbox. To make it work, you obviously need the support of the members which in turn means some type of dues to be paid from time to time. By all means the first xbox community is NO WAY as robust as it is now. I can only theorize that sony chose the free way to jump start their online in a big way. If they offered the pay to play and most consumers had a 360 already then it just would have been as enticing to sign up for sony if you are already paying MS. Make sense???

I feel that at some point sony may restructure their online system to include pay to play but that isnt happening anytime soon. And by that I am referring to gigantic sized multiplayer matches that need lots of resources to maintain which cant be done without getting some $$ from the participants. Free play will continue but you may just be limited in the player count.

We really dont know the full details about sony's ideas on the future of their community. What we do know is that MS is making changes that could potentially lead to better services and increased online interaction. What that means is anybody's guess but I will continue to pay the live fee once a year because I like the service.

Nothing wrong with that (for me at least).


Tears started to pop out of my eyes when i read this. This means no more
Halo 2

A feeling of nostalgia trip ran through my back spine while reminiscing the good old Halo 2 days

Ima going to be playing Halo 2 untill its no longer available

But cmon Microsoft dnt discontinue this service

Long Live the King: Halo 2

multipayer3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

How can you throw away features on a pay service? Live better become free now, this IS probably the beginning of their desperation for sales... FECK Halo 2 though, you have over 9000 sequels to look forward to and a much better PC version(pay to play that). What matters is how will I EVER get my 500 kill vehicle badge in conker live & reloaded now... This is unacceptable.

SilentNegotiator3211d ago

*Pirates the PC copy of Halo 2

Sitdown3211d ago

Ahh, what a wonderful world that you live in where every thing is in black and white....I bet you despise all Apple products as well ehh? While I agree the gap between psn and Live has greatly decreased, I can't help but feel that Live is a little more seamless as compared to psn....and for the time being, I am okay with paying the $2.50 a month for a more unified experience.

Anyhow..I am going on record right now........should by some chance/miracle the 360 sells more than the ps3 in the coming months...the reasoning that will be given to justify the sales, is that Microsoft shut down Live on the original xbox, and in turn forced original users to upgrade to a 360.

Anyhow, serious question concerning there any difference in MW2 on the ps3 and 360...I grabbed it for $39.99 on the 360, but Wal-Mart has the hardened edition for the ps3 for only $10 more. Please give unbiased opinion and not fanboy rants...concerning online experience.

LesterCorncrake3211d ago

to the guy ranting about how psn is better because its free bla bla.... i understand what your talking about even though it comes across as fanboyism...

i had the xbox, then a 360 and i loved live, i thought that it couldnt get any better...this was simply because i had MS tinted shades on.

MS are exceptional at brainwashing the majority of gamers with mass marketing.

in the end i decided to bite the bullet and purchased an 80GB phat... i instantly felt stupid in a way at what i had been missing out on.

the playstation is a far greater experience and i almost feel for sony a little bit because of the quality and effort they have put into this machine and yet it is actually just competeing with the xbox, it deserves to be put on a pedistal its that good.

im not a fanboy i just feel a duty to stress my points of view, most of you guys are seriously missing out.

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qface643212d ago

i wasn't even aware it was even still up

SixZeroFour3212d ago

halo 2 was still what about the original xbox games on games on demand, you can only use halo 2 for its campaign? that sucks...halo 2 was fun online, and last i remember, it was the top played original xbox game still today (before canceling xbox live for first gen xbox)

duplissi3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

no i dont think its like that, just a couple of days ago i put halo2 in just for kicks, and it downloaded the latest patch and i was able to access my current friends list. i think that all this means is that the original xbox wont be able to connect.

Edit: nvr mind i just read the article that sucks... many memories from halo 2 :(

-MD-3212d ago

This will make way for improvements to the current Xbox Live, larger friends list capacity for example.

SixZeroFour3212d ago

oh yea, forgot about that issue having to do with halo 2 i for me tho, i like to keep a tight bunch of friends and not too many randoms, so i havent filled up the 100 limit yet, lol...looks like ill be less lenient now, so i can have back up players to play with incase my friends arent on i guess

vhero3211d ago

New servers could have done exactly the same I doubt the few thousand people still playing online with the original box would have been dragging down the network. However MS won't pump money into new servers in fact you can bet your ass this is a money saver nothing more. These servers will be closed down for good not moved to 360 infrastructure. MS are trying to make as much as they can now as they know it's not long before Sony overtake them in this race so they need to make all there money back and make an overall profit before they lose out.

-MD-3211d ago

"MS are trying to make as much as they can now as they know it's not long before Sony overtake them in this race so they need to make all there money back and make an overall profit before they lose out."

You can't be serious.

360 PIMP3212d ago


Scotracer3212d ago

I still liked to play Halo 2 occasionally. That's a really shame but if it's in the name of progress I can't really complain too much.