Teletext: Dante's Inferno Review

Teletext writes: "If you've never encountered the original 14th century poem it may not be obvious just what a ridiculous idea this game is.

Dante was not an ex-crusader and he did not sew cloth crosses into his chest."

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Ichiryoka3231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )


Edit: Seriously, I have no idea what happened with this game. Ok yeah it has some questionable graphics here and there but, its 60fps, the story looks ok at least, and some of the battles look epic.

What happened? I mean I planned on buying this but now...with GOW3 coming out next month,Why? Why should I buy this? no White Knight Chroniclesm, yes thats a definite purchase due to the online and who gives a F*** about the scores for that game. That game and mag has a future, this one ends when you finish the game.

WIIIS13231d ago

Wonder if EA will blacklist Teletext.