Why MMO Fans See Great Potential In MAG

It's been about a week now since gamers saw the release of Zipper Interactive's Massive Action Game (MAG), a first-person shooter that derives its name from its one marquee feature: the ability to field up to 256 players on a single map, which makes for some… well… massive action gaming, to say the least. What the title lacks in originality, it certainly makes up for in accuracy.

Either way, now that the dust has settled and players have had the opportunity to try out this ambitious game on their own, it seems that, while the game is considered to be decent in the eyes of many FPS enthusiasts, where MAG really shines is with the MMORPG fans.

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DigitalAnalog3211d ago

At least those who paid is definitely the more "serious" of the bunch. I've got my doubts but I will definitely be getting this game, being part of a bigger scale reminded me of EVE online.

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