Wii Remote Fishing Rod Attachment Revealed

EB games have uploaded the first image of the "highly anticipated" fishing rod attachment that comes with Hooked! for the Wii.

Hooked! Real Motion Fishing is an upcoming fishing simulation title for the Nintendo Wii, which is reported to include online multiplayer, 6 "photorealistic" lakes and 3 separate gameplay modes (Practice, Time Attack and Tournament.)

However, it is what comes with the game that has people talking rather than the game itself. You see, Hooked! comes equipped with its very own fishing rod attachment, for that truly immersive fishing experience.

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Diselage4192d ago

I approved this just because it's hilarious

sunnyhours4192d ago

Why is this hilarious? Do you mean hilarious as in "ridiculous"? I am just wondering what you meant.

When it comes to games, I praise any new and innovative ideas. The Wiimote experience is all about immersion, and I see things like this as taking it even further.

I am not a big fishing game fan, but I give them props for making the extra effort. Neat idea. There are people out there (casual gamers like myself) that will probably love something like this.

Blackfrican4192d ago

"photorealistic lakes" Hah, on the wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Diselage4192d ago

Come on having a fishing pool attachment isn't funny? Imagine it sitting on the floor next to your Wii, i would probably just look and laugh at it almost every time.

ITR4192d ago

I hope it's better then the last Wii fishing game.
I like arcade style fishing if it's like the Sega Arcade games.