Star Ocean 4 Producer Takes Stealth Jab at Xbox 360

Andriasang: Star Ocean 4 Last Hope International saw release yesterday, at last allowing PlayStation 3 owners to experience the RPG epic that Xbox 360 owners got to play nearly a year ago.

Dengeki covered the game's release with an interview with producer Yoshinori Yamagishi. What's unique about this interview is that the site's readers were the ones asking the questions.

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DelbertGrady3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

No question, Blu-Ray lends itself much better to games with the type of content that requires lots of space, such as pre-rendered cutscenes that many JRPGs have.

TheLog3236d ago

Dvd14-13.24 Gigs
Dvd18-17.08 Gigs

I dont know what is keeping Ms from upgrading to them but I belive once Ms upgrade to them, the potential is significant. Dont take my word for it, go and google it and find out for yourself.

Rock Bottom3236d ago

Dvd14 and Dvd18 are two sides DVD, search about what does that means and try to see where did you went wrong.

FamilyGuy3236d ago

He answered a question and without a hint of sarcasm or anything. I don't understand how saying, "nothing was deleted" was a "jab" at the 360 version.

WTF is this?

JokesOnYou3236d ago

Yamagishi: "If 'this version' means the PS3 version, there was nothing deleted."

-Nothing here to see folks, move along.


Blaze9293236d ago

That jab must be one damn good 'stealth' jab becuase I can't find it in that article...

Solidus187-SCMilk3236d ago

Its been obvious for a while that they were adding content. I think his comment means that they have everything from the 360 version and more.

Of course they didnt cut any content from the game as its always been known to be the 360 version with more content.

vhero3236d ago

but-but-but MS says DVD is enough!! lol

hay3236d ago

The lack of insight of some people here is amusing.

"Yamagishi: "If 'this version' means the PS3 version, there was nothing deleted.""
If there was nothing deleted in every version, he would just say how it was. But instead he highlighted that PS3 version is clean for cuts, which suggest that they have to make some compromises in other versions.

Incognegro3236d ago

It's not so much of a lack of insight, it's more common sense. The only other "version" they've been working on was the PS3, unless they've been working on a PC version along side it that I never even heard of. Of course he would throw the PS3's version out there since it's the only relevant. Why would he bring the 360 back up when the game is already on the market? The only thing he was doing was answering a question. Nothing more. Nothing less.

TheLog3236d ago

Haha you are right rock bottom, my bad.

ChozenWoan3236d ago

... everyone knows they cut out a lot of content to make FF13 multiplatform. By saying that nothing was cut, he is saying that when they make a game multiplatform they don't have to do so at the expense of the game itself. Which is like writing a novel and then hacking it down to a summery for release due to a lack of paper.

Foliage3236d ago

It's actually quite a clear jab. He is saying that the PS3 version will not have anything deleted from the original design, as the 360 did.

In other words:
360 Version - Limited due to inferior disc drive and specs, content removed
PS3 Version - Strongest specs on the market, superior disc drive format, all content made it into the game.

Ausbo3236d ago

we all know blu-ray is the best. however, why don't the developers just deal with it. Japanese developers really are spoiled. I don't see bioware complain. I don't see valve complain or any other western company complain. Japanese developers really need to suck it up.

I hope i dont offend too many people, but i really have no interest in japanese developed games with the exception of some capcom games. I don't like the anime stuff.

N4Flamers3236d ago

is that everything that was in the 360 version will be in the ps3 version.

you just got stealth jabbed

GiantEnemyCrab3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

Funny thing is the game is the exact same graphics and length wise so what did BR provide, alt languages.. No doubt more space is better but this was no jab.

Here is a not so stealth jab.. The game sucks! (So did 3) And after playing ME2 so much I don't think i can go back to a JRPG again..

Sounds like the team is also tired of the series and he won't be returning if there ever is a sequel..

Gue13235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Yeah right, trying to ignore the facts I see. I thought you changed after all the BS you said when Killzone 2 came out. In fact, that's why you have more than 1 bubble right now CRAB... But I see that someone that is in denial stays in denial.

Who needs blu-ray when you can have the same game on 4 discs with limited pace and extreme linearity right?

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robotnik3236d ago

So they deleted stuff from the xbox version? Wow, that gotta suck if your only option is that console...

Solidus187-SCMilk3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

im sure some people would rather have played it a year ago then have some extra content, just like some would wait for the extra content. Some may even buy both.

Kurylo3d3236d ago

typical fanboy.. gotta lie to try to say your console is better instead of facts.

No nothing was deleted from the xbox version. This whole article is a ploy for hits... there is no jab lol..the man answered honestly.. nothing was deleted. direct port from xbox to ps3

robotnik3236d ago

Superior version on PS3 reconfirmed.

unrealgamer583236d ago

they could have multi disc'ed it with the 360 version. it seems to be a growing trend

Godmars2903236d ago

MS penalizes devs for multiple discs after four I believe.

DelbertGrady3236d ago

True. It becomes a cost issue, printing 4 discs instead of just 1. Gotta get that ROI :)

sikbeta3236d ago

MS charge +Royalties for more Disks, if the Dev don't want to take care of that, simply take stuff out and shrink the game

[-Content = -Disks = -Royalties]

Silber3236d ago

No this is definetive not true. The Royality fee is only for the Game, regardless haow many discs it have. Only some Fanboy or sombody have brought this brainless comment into the Gaming live. Major Nelson and the German Boris Schneider Johne have commented it a long while ago, and its not true.

But sure, of you have 4+ Discs it cost the Developer more money, but its only cents.

hay3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

@Silber: Do some research:

@Godmars: MS charge royalties per disc, not per game.

Godmars2903236d ago

meh, doesn't change the fact that as long as the 360 is the lead build for multiplatform titles, the PS3 as well as game development in general will be hampered.

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THE MAX SPEED 213236d ago

DVD9 limitations.

better find something better next time MS.

DelbertGrady3236d ago

Skipping the HD-less Arcade model would have been a great choice imo.

JD_Shadow3236d ago

Umm...who the hell are you and what did you do to Soda? :P

snaz273236d ago

i was thinking the exact same thing! so did you buy a ps3 soda? have you gone the way of the giant enemy crab? lmao

insomnium3236d ago

This one is actually sane OMG!

silvacrest3236d ago

maybe soda went down the same road bungie did? although im not sensing the the same vibe i get from bungie, maybe soda is legit

DelbertGrady3236d ago

I don't own a PS3 and I don't intend buying one right now but that doesn't mean I'm in denial when it comes to seeing its advantages compared to the 360. I think most people here agree that the Arcade has mostly been a big road block for developers this gen.

beardpapa3236d ago

I actually think Soda and a few other xbox guys (like xbox oz and xdf) here are quite neutral and rational when it comes to single console ownership.

Of course there are quite a bit of crazies on both sides and they stand out more, but there are a couple good single console guys here xbox or ps3.

NeutralGamer3236d ago

There is a few of us 360 gamers who are'nt fanboys...
I hope there are some ps3 owners out there who is'nt fanboys either...

Godmars2903236d ago

Sorry, I've seen too many examples to believe that there is any kind of sizable minority of "sensible" 360 fanboys.

As for myself, I've obviously been to jaded by MS's business practices to be seen as a sensible PS3 fanboy. Though unlike other I at least try to present examples of why I'm negative.

I like Halo and owned an Xbox1, plan on playing ME1 wherever I get the gumption to upgrade my PC, but I directly blame MS for creating this over competitive air in the industry.

GiantEnemyCrab3236d ago

Boohoo I don't get to listen to the game in a language(s) I don't understand..

I would rather of played it a year ago then wait for that..

It's a shame developers don't actually fill that space up with gameplay. Uncompressed sound/textures and alt languages I could give 2 fuks on the 360.

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