Mass Effect 2 DLC Codes Costing a Fortune on eBay

Pre-ordered goods are always a good thing because once it gets rare, people start to get crazy and pay whatever amount to get their hands on that exclusive item. Mass Effect 2 pre-order DLC codes are one of those DLCs that people are paying so much even though the seller got it for free.

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ASSASSYN 36o3207d ago

I am pretty much dedicated to selling content on ebay after I got $20 for that stupid chocobo avatar item.

DJKGBYF3207d ago

I really like how people are trying to sell the Dr. Pepper codes even though there was an article on here a few days ago with the codes.

Conventional3207d ago

I don't even wear my inferno armor/blood dragon armor because the helmet can't be removed.

STICKzophrenic3207d ago

Same with me, dude. It kinda bums me out because I had to do a lot of crap to get all the armors, and now I don't even use them. I hope BioWare patches it so you can remove helmets.

Captain Tuttle3206d ago

Big disappointment although I like how you can customize your regular armor.

BeaArthur3206d ago

Make it unanimous. The total lack of customization on the pre-order armor is irritating and they look funny while on anyways.

duplissi3206d ago

lol ya i didnt use the terminus or dragon armor at all... i did use the terminus weapon though.
the helmet was the only thing stopping me.

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Universe4203207d ago

The only time I have paid, is for more mp levels on halo 2. I bought that one expansion disk. Still don't really care to pay extra for content that doesn't effect the quality or in this game perhaps quantity. I love mass effect 2 though, its one of the best game's Ive played that has a lengthy single player. Still Like how long oblivion is :)... and fallout 3 is pretty good even though I haven't got into that game that much.

CBaoth3207d ago

if you pre-ordered the game, the stuff was free. Conventional is right though. The terminus armor looks like kickass outer space daedric armor from Oblivion but the drawback is the helmet can't be removed. The M-490 Black, though, is one of the coolest heavy guns in the game. It's the best gamestop PO bonus DLC they've ever had. I always keep it in my arsenal.

arsenic173206d ago

i saw last week that i could get a good amount for my code (which i didnt even deserve as I bought it on Amazon the day after the game came out). I was surprised when my code came in my email. Anyway hell yeah Im selling it, it was a stupid DLC anyway. I got $22 for it, meaning I really only paid $34 for my brand new copy!

Wolf8733206d ago

people selling stuff what they got for free. Have some decency and give away the code for free, it'd be a nice gesture of kindness.

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