Last Rebellion – First 9 Minutes Video

Take a peek on the first nine minutes of NIS America's Last Rebellion exclusively for the PlayStation 3. The video captured is the prologue scene of the game and shouldn't have any big spoilers.

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Godmars2903206d ago

No wonder they're asking $40 for it - its a PS2 game! PS1!

THE MAX SPEED 213206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

roflmaoooooo. this cant be serious. Character designs are very very Blend and Weak for a Japanese rpg. I've called it in the past that the lead character is a obvious ripoff of Kratos & richter from the tales series. And those graphics are really bad(ps2) for our time it doesnt match up to what the PS3 is capable of.

you can tell this game will get raped by the critics.

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Baba19063206d ago

hmm looks really bad for a ps3 game. i mean the enemies teleport when they atack you.... really???? is that necessary?.

Ravage273206d ago

but it looks interesting to me :D Wonder if there's depth in the combat, all that options to target limbs must mean something

Ichiryoka3206d ago

Why did they do this? Just why? What is it? I mean the cutscenes are so...soooo... PS2 and omg the battle system...well thats not too bad, but man the animations or lack of.. why do they enemies teleport.

Well I will rent it, I mean I have to try it at least right?...right?

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