The Top Selling Video Games of the 2000s (Single & Multiplatform)

Data suggests that the top 30 multiplatform games totaled 10% of all video game software sold in the 2000s! The top fifty single-platform games accounted for nearly 1 out of 8 purchases in the 2000s.

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TheGameLlama3211d ago

Nintendo wins with a gimmicky console. Who'd have thought?

asdr3wsfas3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

When all three systems have gimmicks and two of them lose I would hope you revise this idea and search for perhaps a little more thoughtful analysis. I also suggest you look at virtua boy to see that gimmicks alone can't sell.

However, I think your brain has sausage fingers and may smash these delicate concepts.


MisterPickles23211d ago

Mario Galaxy and Halo 2 are at exactly the same numbers lol

FrankWest3211d ago

Need For Speed Underground? How the mighty have fallen, back when it was good...

njguy23211d ago

31 of the top single platform games (6m+) are on Nintendo systems...even though more Playstation software was purchased in the decade.

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The story is too old to be commented.