TheiPhoneAppReview: Scene It? Movies Review


I'm not a gamer, and most of my iPhone games are more time fillers than serious addictions. And while I do enjoy a good board game, I have to say it's been awhile.

But in all honesty, I can see myself pulling out my phone to play Scene It? Movies with a few friends. Designed by Screenlife, LLC, the game is easy to start playing and tough to stop.

My first attempt brought up the question "Name the Movie", with a play button. I tapped play and recognized the movie in seconds – Steve Carell flying off a bike through a billboard for erotic perfume is a pretty easy one, though. You can stop the movie clip at any time to answer. Aside from naming the movie, you might also be asked questions about actors (both in and not in the scene), specific lines, and other trivia.

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