AusGamers: Metro 2033 Hands-On Preview


Visually the game is looking very good, with 4A Games having built their engine from scratch (not bad for their first game). Animations are especially good, while the game's tonal variations paint a very good likeness to what we'd expect post-nuclear fallout to look and feel like. Particles float through the air and lighting is spot-on; both a visual enhancement, and tool for the aforementioned unnerving. The game's music is excellent, but a massive kudos needs to be given to scripting and voice-acting. I'm not sure if the actors are specifically of Russian origin, but they definitely sound the part. Throughout the play experience Artoym is silent, but we hear an inner monologue prior to each chapter during loading, as he narrates the pretext to your next unfolding of events - as far as story-telling goes, Metro 2033 is absolutely brilliant, and I've only dipped my time into a very small portion of it.

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