Amazon's Best-Selling Games of January

Amazon has revealed the top 10 overall best-selling games on their website for the month of January. Also included are the top 10 lists for the Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

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Butt Shingles3235d ago

Wow, Mass Effect 2 wasnt even out a full week in January and it still managed to take the #2 spot on overall sales. Bioware, congrats to you. You've made an epic game.

And Wii Fit was number one because everyone decided to buy one after making their New Years Resolution to lose weight.

gaffyh3235d ago

"Playstation 3
1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
2. God of War: Collection
3. Final Fantasy XIII"

FF13 WHAAAA???!?

PS3 version definitely looks like it's going to outsell the 360 version (in US) by the looks of it, everything seems to be pointing in this direction.

mjolliffe3235d ago

Very good for Mass Effect. Though, I still expected it to get the number 1 spot. Either way, it's brilliant.

Solidus187-SCMilk3235d ago

it came out on january 26th. It got second place being out for only 6 days.

Im more amazed taht so many people are buying just dance, thats sad.

TheBand1t3235d ago

I personally didn't much care for the game, but I can see why people would.

Great job, Bioware. Maybe we can has KOTOR 3?


JonnyBigBoss3235d ago

Where's Mass Effect 2 for PC? I'm loving it so far. Graphics on full = WOW.

Charmers3235d ago

What self respecting PC gamer would buy from Amazon, I have never bought anything from Amazon (hate their clunky website). My first port of call is steam (like a great many PC gamers) then I check to see if other internet sites are selling the retail version cheaper and I buy from them instead.

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