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After a lengthy closed beta and what was essentially time-specific demo of an open beta, Zipper Interactive's MAG has finally hit the PS3 in its full retail form. Although the prospect of a 256-player shooter certainly sounds refreshing in a world where Modern Warfare 2's 9v9 is king, is it enough to carry the game on its own? Does the game bring anything new to the fight? After reaching level 30 with a member of the Valor faction, I think I'm ready to make my final judgments and decide whether or not this is a war you want to start fighting yourself.

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THE MAX SPEED 213235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

nah i call bias they gave (insert any xbox game name )a Higher score in the past. M.A.G is clearly a 90/100

I shoulda reported it when I had the time.




englandsbest3163234d ago

And the key word above that sums up this game is.... "Average"

mrv3213234d ago

Metacritic isn't the only arrogator you know... this site does it to... and it's data sample is larger... and if my Maths skills are correct when speaking about data the larger the group the more accurate it is... generally.