Dante's Inferno Review at CheatCC

CheatCC says, "Dante's Inferno is eternally condemned to judgment. Not only is it an obvious clone of God of War, but it also contains a good amount of explicit content that might not go well with fanatics. The developers already have part of the church against them because of their representation of hell! The good news is, these issues will certainly not stop EA from scoring major sales figures, and I hope it doesn't stop you from playing it either, because good games are there to be played… from beginning to end! Without a doubt, this is one you shouldn't miss; ahem… unless you're under 17."

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HurstDarkStar3208d ago

that's what i'm talking about!a reveiw with not so many comparisons to GOW3.In all the reviews iv seen from the so called know it all sites it seems that their minds were on gow3.If your gonna review a game please~only think about it for the time being.