GO!GamingGiant: KrissX Review

GO!GamingGiant writes: "KrissX (pronounced "criss cross") is the latest puzzle title to make its way to the Xbox 360, a console that is greatly lacking when it comes to quality puzzle games these days. While there isn't anything particularly groundbreaking, it is a welcome addition for the casual crowd who may have been feeling a bit neglected over the past few months. Don't get me wrong, the Xbox Live Arcade has a fairly steady influx of decent casual games, but it is not often enough that we get a decent puzzler, and KrissX does what it can to help level the playing field somewhat."

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Mario Mergola3211d ago

Really good review. I love puzzle games and I enjoy word games so I'm glad I checked out your thoughts on this.

Go Gaming Giant3211d ago

not really my type of game, but it looks ok.

LukeA3210d ago

At first I thought this would be a mash-up with early 90's rap group Kriss Kross, but then I saw the owl...

And I was dissapointed.

RaymondM3210d ago

because of my love for puzzle games, I will say: good job. I might even check this one out, since I've been playing Lumines to death. hahaha