New PSP exploit found, should work on PSP firmware v6.20 and PSPGO

According to reports, PSPjoke and n00b81 (nice names) have discovered a new PSP exploit that should work on all PSPs including the PSPGo.

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Rush3235d ago

Awesome news! for the 10 people rich enough to afford a PSP Go anyways....

There like the price of a PS3 here in the UK almost.

Rival_313235d ago

I don't have a PSPgo at the moment so it's pretty much useless to me also.
But this is good to know anyway.

Blaze9293235d ago

if they can get custom firmware running on the Go I will go out and buy one the very next day. It's one of the reasons I'm still on and love my PSP-1000 model

Ninji3235d ago

It's like having XBL Platinum where you get most games a week earlier than everyone else.

tedyesca3235d ago

i ve had my fat fatty ad i still use it cause its awesome ad i replaced the nub... oh and gen d3

ludabenza3235d ago

I'm pretty sure that many people have been waiting for this. That's if it turns out to be true. It has been widely reported that the PSP 3000 and PSP:Go have been much tougher to hack.

MikeTyson3235d ago

I got a Psp Go, and id sure like it to be hacked.

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