BC2 Demo Is Stupidly Fun

Jeff Marchiafava of Gameinformer writes: "I've been playing the 360 multiplayer demo of Bad Company 2 the past couple nights, and for me it falls into the category of being stupidly fun. Not stupid in a simpleminded way (strategy plays more of a role in BC2 than most FPSes I've played) but rather so fun that my enjoyment of it just plain stupid – how else can I explain spending countless hours on a one level, one mode demo, when I have so many other amazing games to play?

But my enjoyment of the demo comes as a bit of a surprise, because I didn't enjoy the original Bad Company's multiplayer all that much. I played DICE's Battlefield 1943 first, and after trying out Bad Company for a modest number of hours, I found myself heading right back to World War 2. Which got me wondering – maybe simple is better."

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edwineverready3238d ago

No running and strafing at the same time. I really did not like the responsiveness of the controls. I will stay with M.A.G thank you

socomnick3238d ago

No running strafing is one among a large list of things holding back BC2.

- Horrible Bullet hit detection
- Amazingly weak damage- Hardcore mode has the best damage for all weapons in the pc beta, they should just port over the damage from hardcore mode in the beta for core.
- Stiff movement
- Uneven classes - Recon gets most of the good stuff and is the most powerful class.

MAR-TYR-DOM3238d ago

You know what, ill sacrifice these gameplay elements for a stable overall online gameplay experience. As long as this is not a glitch-fest like MW2 (which i doubt cause of a pre-release beta), i will be picking this game up.

mikeslemonade3238d ago

One of the most O-V-E-R-A-T-E-D G-A-M-E-S of 2010. I rather play Modern Warfare 2.

evrfighter3238d ago

did I just see someone say something about overrated and then mention playing modern warfare 2?

I see our no child left behind laws were a huge failure...

TheIneffableBob3238d ago

Damage is being tweaked for the retail version. Bullets will do more damage.

deadreckoning6663238d ago

"seriously not even 1/4th MAG, but it tries to be. anyone whose played MAG acquisition or domination knows what i'm talking about, all wannabe objective style' gameplay"

Dumbest comment ive heard all day.

1. Quantity doesn't equal quanlity

2. M.A.G lite huh? Wait for the review scores to come in. Not only will Bad Company 2 get better critical reception than M.A.G, but it will also sell more on the PS3 than M.A.G

Huwmor3238d ago

I just want the sniper to kill in one shot. Otherwise it's pretty solid. :)

DirtyLary3238d ago

Great game. Loving all the betas.

Eiffel3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

Wait, so you people above want a game simplified just to the point it's a easy run and gun shooter? Pff eff that. You just need to learn how not to suck at Battlefield.

Bad Company 2 is perfect the way it is.

edwineverready3238d ago

Running and strafing is that to much to ask. This is also possible in real life so it is not unrealistic.

heroprotagonist3238d ago

Yeah, it's pretty fun, but both the 360 and PS3 versions have quite a bit of screen tearing that is really off putting.

SilentNegotiator3238d ago

Yeah, the console versions are pretty jagged and have a lot of screen tearing. This is definitely one to get on the PC if you have a good rig.

Eiffel3238d ago

Your point is for it to be realistic? It's a game. Dice never stated it's main purpose was to make a realistic shooter. How about if that was implemented it would only lower the overall challenge of the game itself. Anyone who has ever played a Battlefield title can see it uses the same formula as the previous titles, it's what makes them so great. If you keep getting killed because you can't take cover and pull your gun up in time, that's your own fault. Maybe the game isn't for you,it is a hard multiplayer franchise. No harm in it.

Obama3238d ago

"but both the 360 and PS3 versions have quite a bit of screen tearing"

I haven't noticed any screen tearing when I was playing the ps3 beta. May be it's just the 360 version? In any case I am going to get this for the pc since it supports more players.

Supraman213238d ago

Pull out your gun? It takes forever. The game is clunky.The control over your character is clunky and slow. Wobbling when your moving is just annoying. The gun is to small which means your sights are really small. No crouch? You never know where your getting hit from. Yeah your screen gets red but its barely noticeable. If your just standing in one spot and a grenade goes off 50ft away some how your body moves and the controller vibrates..Im I getting hit or was it just an explosion..see what I mean. If you get shot in MW you know exactly where your getting shot from. Every gun shoots the same. Socomnic nailed it.

Yea MW is glitchy and some things are overpowered but its a hell of a fun game. It rapes any shooter ive ever played. Theres no restriction when moving around and especially when moving your gun ( Like killzone has that weighty feeling...I have no problem with that but its just not realistic when shooting, your gun isn't 50lbs)and trying to quickly aim and lead someone. You guys that say MW is noobish( The noob toob and rockets are waaay overpowered...this is where Battlefield excels), I think you just suck at the game thats all. It takes skill to precisely aim at an opponent when you both are moving and putting your cursor on him or leading him. Your just crybaby's that suck at the game

mikeslemonade3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

You're the blinded one because the two games are mere upgrades of the previous game. MW2 actually has good graphics though so it's more appealing to my eyes. And MW2 isn't that overated because it gets a hell of a bad rep here on N4G. BFBC2 is highly overated here in N4G.

MGSR THE HD VERSION3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

all i have to say is this game is more of a technical marvel than heavy rain is. in both character animations, environments, physics, particle effects, character detail, audio, and especially dubbing.

i don't know what but you have to be pretty high to not see how alive BC2 is more than heavy rain.

Wardog13683238d ago

Strafing and running at full speed at the same isn't possible in real life... Sure you can run in the left or right direction but if you're running full speed, sudden lefts aren't possible.

Not sure if that is what you were trying to say though.

mikeslemonade3238d ago

Nope your blind. I have an eye for these things. You probably haven't seen Heavy Rain on screen to say it's not as lively as BFBC2. BFBC2 is open world so the game looks terrible. The stupid ghilli suit looks like cactus man. Essentially you think GTA4 has good graphics the theory that you guys are all bringing up.

Eiffel3238d ago

It's okay if you got your ass kicked on the demo man, Battlefield is not an easy shooter for the common "COD crowd".

I most likely have your dog tag from a beautiful knife kill, lmao.

MGSR THE HD VERSION3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

......i wasn't even talking to you and nor did i disagree with you.(mikeslemonade)

anyways, in facial animations RE5 still wins over heavy rain.

no joke.

mikeslemonade3238d ago

Ha facial animations. Next thing you will say is the eye lashes on Nathan Drake's eyes aren't as long or detailed as Alan's in Alan Wakes.

I just don't get how a game like BFBC2 gets so much praise and the first one didn't. The game is pretty much the same. The graphics at the time for BFBC1 were amazing but now in BFBC2 the graphics look dated.

ThanatosDMC3238d ago

If you like this game, you'll definitely love MAG.

I love the destructible environment of this game. I just wish there were at least 64 players to cover a lot of things. So easy to go lonewolf.

SixZeroFour3238d ago

can you straff and run at the same time in mw2? cause in cod4 you couldnt

i prefer this game over the "noob friendly' mw2 game, because in mw2, you can literally be a one man team for the most part, however in bfbc2 (or atleast the demos only gametype for now) if you are an attacker, you really cant do everything yourself, especially with the 75 lives per team against you

for the ppl saying you wobble too much when walking or running and aiming, why dont you go ahead and simulate that in real life and tell me that you dont wobble yourself when trying to walk or run while aiming

the hit detection is actually spot on, so what if the bullet doesnt aim where you sniped at from several meters away, what do you expect when gravity is involved..same with aiming at a moving target, you have to compensate for those kinda things...all the more reason i love playing this game

the only thing i have a slight problem with right now, is the time it takes from running to knifing someone, it still is a bit slow for me, but hey, im still enjoying this game, and so glad i havent bought mw2 yet

MiloGarret3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

Running and strafing? Jeebus...

Amazingly weak damage..? You're supposed to aim for the head. I know aiming can be hard when all you've been doing lately is press a button to knife someone from a mile away. But this is a shooting game, not a knifing game.

Recon is a powerful class yes, but it's also the class that demands most of the player. Most people on the demo playing as recon get zero kills but several assists. Also, when people overuse the recon the opposing team is pretty much guaranteed a win.

The sniper kills in one shot, if you know how to use it. Aim for the head... If your target is far away you have to aim slightly above it to compensate for gravity.

pixelsword3238d ago

The PS3 had less tearing, I admit, but it's not like the 360 was to the point of distraction or anything. Both were solid. I just hope that the graphics for either version improve because if people were complaining about MAG, this demo looked *worse* (as in much worse) on either console all the way around, believe it or not. I like the sound of the weapons better on B:BC better than MAG though; the guns are very meaty sounding and MAG's guns sound "tidy", but not like the BLAP-BLAP-BLAP sound I like to hear from a gun that can drop a man in three shots.

In either case, I was focused more on not dying. :D

socomnick3238d ago

Milo strafe running is not what it sounds like.

Thats strafe running.

Another video of what strafe running is.

Also snipers are useless and they have the one tool that would be good to counter a sniper a mortar strike.

Mortar strike should be taken away from recon and given to medic so he can flush out camping snipers.

Damage is just weak on core , in the ps3 beta the damage was good, in hardcore more for the pc its even better. Guns have slightly more recoil and deal decent damage. 1 short burst and they are down.

You can run into a room and deal death to an entire squad if you are fast enough.

The sniper is overpowered in hardcore though, as it should, but they should bring the damage from all the guns over to core and keep current damage of the sniper for core.

SixZeroFour3238d ago

theres a hardcore mode for the bfbc2 demo?

socomnick3238d ago

Hardcore mode is only in the pc beta.

MiloGarret3238d ago

Well I can't comment on hardcore vs core because I don't have the pc demo.

Yes, I know what strafe running is and I'm ok with it not being in BC2. I like the bulky and less flexible movement of Battlefield, if it wasn't like this it would just be cod with vehicles.

I do think the damage is just fine, I'm becoming pretty ok with the sniper and I'm finding new ways to counter camping snipers all the time.

Running into a room and killing several enemies is easy with the appropriate weapon ------> smg. Though You'll probably have to switch to your handgun as you're likely to run out of clip before killing everyone in the area, but that's good in my opinion, it SHOULDN'T be easy to empty a room full of armed people.

Well, that's my opinion, I think this game shows a lot of promise and I look forward to the release. Also, Swedish devs ruuuuuuuuuuuuule!

darkmurder3238d ago

THis craps all over MAG and MW2

jack_burt0n3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

Have to agree its really not that different from the first game which i enjoyed alot, but the graphics are nothing special and the tweaks to the frostbite destruction are not really noticable.

Still have big chunks of buildings I could not level.

there is very little screentearing on the ps3 demo you are right these guys are playing 360 only.

yeah the sound in bad company was increrdible if you think this sounds good wait for the bluray the first game used uncompressed audio and is easily the best sounding game ever in terms of effects, if u have a decent hdmi audio setup.

raztad3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )


How do you know that? What is your level on MAG? your faction? already a squad leader?

BTW, I played BC2 beta and it was really jagged, the overall game while looking good was not impressive. Gameplay-wise it didnt do enough to grab me. Perhaps I should have tried harder but then I came across with MAG, and I never looked back.

bjornbear3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

you people are so picky =P

I'm LOVING it =D its so deep and strategic (and its such a limited demo =( already got all upgrades)

I do have a few gripes, for example the map is a bit hard to see on SD tv's (but thats not anything new xD)

and as everyone knows, attackers have a much harder time than defenders, but thats how it is in real life =)

Oh and heli is DAMN hard to get used too, but nothing practice won't fix =)

@ everyone complaining:

a) I've had NO screen tearing and had 1 moment of lag

b) Running while Strafing? Is that even physically possible?=P unless you mean skipping xD I don't miss that at all TBH,but thats me

c) hit detection horrible? wrong - get better at using the guns--> sorry hit detection problems only on PS3 thats why - my bad =)

stiff movement: LOL, after playing KZ2, the movement feels like he's on speed xD so i'm loving it

recon - not over powered, you just need to know how to stay away from their sight

fine you'll get snipered a few times in a game thats inevitable but to those complaining about snipers - you don't know how to use your cover =/

I had an amazing moment when we were holding them off the 1st targets so well, they all held back and decided to sniper us into weakness

we were 10 minutes without conflict, just sniping - and i didn't die once, because i always moved / changed cover with the knowledge of where my targets were =D - SO EPIC =D

loving it =) - if you aren't, get better / too bad maybe not for u =)

darx3238d ago

Playing both looks better than MAG.

FragGen3238d ago

@MGSR: Yeah that's an awesome idea. Let's start comparing game engines for adventure games with FPSs. That makes HUGE amounts of sense given that the two game types have diametrically opposed requirements! (rolls eyes).

frostypants3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

Battlefield games and MAG are worlds apart. MAG is a whole new that you gain satisfaction almost entirely from team exploits, where as Battlefield still has some element of individualism to it as this article mentions.

I just bought MAG and love it. In my case, it's MW2 that risks losing playing time to BFBC2.

I AM bummed about the 24 player cap. P2P networking needs to be banished from gaming.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3237d ago

To everyone saying MW2 takes skill. WTF? With the noticable auto aim? With pre patch models? With care packages that often contain harriers or higher? Play wasteland on hardcore. Lie down in the grass with a silenced sniper. Get 5 kills for a pred and you basically have chopper gunner meaning another 10+ kills. This takes skill? BF is not clunky, it just doesnt have crap like auto aim.

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Hellsvacancy3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

This is NO lie, I just got 1-of my stoner mates in-1 BC2, i screamed at him (literally) 2-download the demo and give it a try (hes not a big FPS fan)

5-hours later and we were still playin it (off 2-bed now im propa wasted)

"I did u a treat EA by persuadin my mate 2-buy BC2, gimme summin 4-3 EA"

pixelsword3238d ago'll read this and go "what the [email protected]&( was I smoking?"

yippiechicken3238d ago

I have no doubt, sir, that you will go far in life.

Might be time to lay off the drugs a bit, huh?

FragGen3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

You know I'm super disappointed when I play online FPSs and some games at least half of the XBL or PSN account IDs are pot references. I'm not even really AGAINST doobage, but it seems astonishingly juvenile to associate your online identity with it.

Seems like the FPSs are by far the worst, too, which is weird, because they don't seem mellow enough for that demographic.

Anyway, BRILLIANT post HV...

DaTruth3237d ago

Actually it makes perfect sense. I use to smoke so much that I was high in everything I ever did and I know these guys are the same. If their mothers would have known before they were born, they would have made their given names associated with it!

I hardly smoke anymore, but I have friends who still think it's a hobby!

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archemides5183238d ago

seriously not even 1/4th MAG, but it tries to be. anyone whose played MAG acquisition or domination knows what i'm talking about, all wannabe objective style

aviator1893238d ago

Quality vs quantity is a huge difference between M.A.G. and Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

heroprotagonist3238d ago

Sorry, tried MAG and I don't like it. A certain group of people are trying to convince the world that all the reviewers were wrong, but in my opinion most of the reviews were spot on. MAG is an average game. There are a few things I don't like about BC2, but it is still a better game than MAG in my opinion.

dirthurts3238d ago

Not that Mag is a bad game. I like it quite a bit actually. But what it the point of have nearly 300 players at once, if you only see 5 of them at a time?
Mag lite isn't even close to the concept here. Can you drive tanks and level buildings in Mag? Nope. They are both great games, but for different reasons. Enjoy them for what they are, or leave everyone else who enjoys it alone. Geeze.

-Alpha3238d ago


Lol, sounds like your butthurt over a new FPS taking the spotlight away from MAG so quickly. Why dont you go back to playing MAG? Why does one have to better than the other?

You do realize that they can both be great, right?

It's funny how you bring in numbers as if BC2 actually was aiming for 256 players. You must also hate UC2 online since it does a pathetic 5 on 5, right? By your logic it must suck since you love bringing up numbers


That's what I thought too but MAG uses those numbers to cleverly set up a complex hierarchy tree-- true you don't see many players, but you do feel like your in a bigger game and the squad system makes that possible with 256 players.

ThanatosDMC3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

I dunno what you played but even in the initial spawn you can see 16 people all ready next to you or paradropping with you. Add the 8-16 other people on the enemy squad that's easily 20+ people right there. But once you get deeper in the fight you could see 50+ attacking and defending.

Anyway, BC2 >>> MW2.

@ Soda

Actually, MW2 shouldnt be compared to MAG and BC2. BC2 and MAG are almost identical in objective and mission type. MW2 is like casual CTF, TDM, etc.

DelbertGrady3238d ago

I'm sorry but MAG is not in the same league as either MW2 or BC2. They shouldn't be compared.

archemides5183238d ago

1. mag is quality, and the reviewers are wrong, because i thought the same when i first played it but after u get into it it's hard to compare mag and bc2 and mw2 cuz the point of them is so different. you can compare bc2 and mw2 to MAYBE the smallest match types in mag (sabotage & suppression), both of which the other 2 games realize better. but after going to the bigger matchtypes (acquisition and domination) it's so objective based that focus on shooting people becomes secondary. most of the time i'm trying to take down or re-up objectives since they have such a big impact on the progress of the game (such as re-upping the anti-air to stop airstrikes on the base, or stop them from parachute spawning). in bc2, the objectives (blowing up target A & B) have no consequence except to move to the next set of them. anyone who hasn't played/doesn't understand the big mag game types has no idea what i'm talking about, because i didn't either until i took the time to, as well as the other people playing. the reviewers are wrong because they hadn't had the experience in their little time to really understand it, when others also understand it, and YES you cannot play the big game types without eventually/soon getting past just running around like it's a deathmatch (aka MW2)

2. yes you can drive tanks and vehicles in MAG, this just shows you haven't played what mag is really about (acquisition and domination). but yes i do agree that i would rarely play the smaller modes now

3. i can guarantee that anyone who doesn't like mag is just somebody who hasn't played it enough to understand it, and almost certainly the same type of person who expects every game to play the same (these are the same people who hated on killzone 2's controls). the controls in mag are very call of duty, but the objective mechanic is unlike anything else out there, and it is the primary focus and the game is shaped to reveal that to the people who are open to it. if you're expecting the standard type call of duty stuff but just with more people then you are the one missing out due to your own closed mind.

MiloGarret3238d ago

Ok everyone, this person thinks MAG is amazing, so therefore it is.

No, the consensus is that it is mediocre crap. BC2 outdoes MAG in every relevant way.

And, I'll be getting BC2 for my ps3, because I like my ps3 and I think it deserves to be used for quality gaming, not crap.

ape0073238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

and it pretty much sucks, it feels so underdeveloped, the game feels poor imo but I forget that im in N4G island where every ps3 exclusive will be defended (like ps home) and 90% of multiplatform games get bashed(mw2)

played bc2, didn't like it but I can see what people love about it, and it's a day 1 buy for me, cause of the amazing looking single player and awesome delicious gfx\explosions and I may fell in love with other online modes, who knows

the best online experience imho is non other than call of duty modern warfare 2, yes it has glitches, it has campers etc.... but it's the most amazingly brilliant, truly addictive online experience, haters please shut up

it's the number 1 most played game on ps3\360

keep hating, you'll only hurt yourselves

bjornbear3238d ago

well, im a PS3 fan, and I'm going to enjoy this "MAG-lite" because i prefer it to MAG

just because you don't enjoy MAG doesn't mean your a 360 fanboys

you fanboys are all the same =/ be a gamer, get both games, - if you like mag you probably will like battlefield since you can use as much strategy (its really up to you)

frostypants3237d ago

I own MAG. They are entirely different games. MAG is like an RTS game where you're playing one of the countless infantrymen. It's a whole different experience from Battlefield, which trades some of that strategy for more visceral gameplay. There's room for both on my shelf.

No, BC2 will never be able to duplicate the coordination of a 64 man strike on a cap point. But MAG can't duplicate the feeling of driving a buggy through a firefight, running over a guy a split second before he launches a rocket at you, and jumping out before it runs over a cliff.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3237d ago

MAG lite? MAG really isnt the amazing shooter everyone makes it out to be. All the people i know who bought it are already back on MW2.

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macalatus3238d ago

My fellow Sony gamers, unfortunately due to the mediocrity mindedness of the 360 gamers, they will simply ignore this great game as stupid. Just how mediocre the 360 gamers are when it comes to gaming? Well, 90% of the 360 folks still believe that MW2, with glitches and all, is the greatest FPS out there since Halo 3 (until Halo: Barbie Edition of course!).

360 gamers are the sole reason why developers make crappy games. Their simplicity and stupidity make them easy buyers for crappy games like MW2. Don't forget that it was the 360 gamers who beta tested MW2 MP before it was released. The fact that they beta-tested it and MW2 still came out crappy, is the biggest proof that they are not like us, the classy, mature, and intelligent gamers of the videogame industry!

Sony Gamers Lead the Way!

chrisulloa3238d ago

Hah, I love your sarcasm. Unfortunately for any PS3 owner, developers making exclusive Sony games continue to make unpolished pieces of turds. The main reason is, PS3 fanboys continue to encourage and support the developer, even if the game is extremely generic and bland. Take MAG for example, Sony fanboys are constantly praising the game for its 256 multiplayer capabilities, but fail to realize that the game is in fact, terrible and completely full of glitches. Developers see the comments that Sony fanboys make and don't bother to make improvements in their future games, they use the same formula because they realize that Sony fanboys would take a gold plated piece of crap and love it.

Also, Xbox owners appreciate games. Modern Warfare two may not be perfect, but it's definitely enjoyable. We also like to speak out to developers and use constructive criticism to improve their future games. Unlike PS3 owners, 360 owners also like to buy games, so our devs are always happy. BFBC is just one of the future multi-plat games that will be better on the 360, and DICE will probably want to make future 360 exclusives because of the appreciation that they will get for making an excellent game.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3238d ago

You mean like MAG, White Knight, Haze, Heavy Rain, SOCOM, Ratchet and Clank and the entire 2010 PS3 lineup accept God of War 3?

ZombieRollz3238d ago

"Also, Xbox owners appreciate games. Modern Warfare two may not be perfect, but it's definitely enjoyable. We also like to speak out to developers and use constructive criticism to improve their future games. Unlike PS3 owners, 360 owners also like to buy games, so our devs are always happy. BFBC is just one of the future multi-plat games that will be better on the 360, and DICE will probably want to make future 360 exclusives because of the appreciation that they will get for making an excellent game."

Is it just me or does this guy seem way too interested in 'pleasing' developers? Must be a bot thing. I also love the way he generalizes the entire populace of the 360 community, like he has been brainwashed, turned into a drone, and only speaks what he was programmed to do. Must be a bot thing.

Chnswdchldrn3238d ago

yeah I play the hell out of it on the PC

and yes the hit detection is [email protected] bad

but the controls are not, if you let them grow on you. BTW there is a glitch that resets the sensitivity after every time you start up the game, and a higher sensitivity is usually best for this game


GamerPS3603238d ago

hit detection is much better now after they restarted server.