Fanboy Case Study: Unreasonable Sonic Fanboys

Alexis Santos: "Today Sonic fans were given what they had been waiting for since 1994; A return to the classic 2D style that they fell in love with. We know most Sonic fans are ecstatic as a result of the announcement of Sonic the Hedgehog 4, as are we. Yet, some fanboys still refuse to accept what they've been given. Do they reject what they see from sheer shock? Have they become so accustomed to being disappointed with every Sonic title after Sonic 3 that they automatically find things they hate about new games?"

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nogolis3238d ago

2-D, classic sidescrolling.. Super mega blast processing Sonic... Today? 2010? What's there to not like... I'm sorry, love, about this iteration? It's even for PSN and xbox live. Not a disc based game but a DL game. This is about as perfect as can be. The cost won't be high and the experience will be just what everyone expects it to be.

I'm happy.

THE MAX SPEED 213238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

lol I'm sorry if the guy is stuck in the past but the old sonic desing was cool in 1990s and it's not at our Standards anymore.

Just imagine mario looking the same way he did on the old snes Boxes lol . Sonic's new look 1998till now matches our Era . He got a Edgier, Hip style which match his Personality.


Redesing 98 +

and Sonic is a Japanese Series so of course the characters change desing they Look bettter and better with the years. Just look at mario

MARIO Bros 2 (LOL)

MARIO NOW ( drawing not 3D render)


Also Go and try selling kids and Lame looking character on the box I swear it will fail.

RockmanII73238d ago

If you expect failure and receive mediocrity, your happy
If you expect awesomeness and receive mediocrity, your upset
Get my point?

ukilnme3238d ago

What if you expect key lime pie and you get a pencil sharpener?

ZombieRollz3238d ago

I wasn't impressed with the video. I need to see at least 1 minute of sidescrolling action to see how truly fast Sonic is. I seriously hated the model that they chose for the Sonic. If they had built this from the ground up, then they wouldn't have used the Sonic model which have plagued the 3D games.

If it ends up being just a slow, linear experience, then I'll wait and buy the disc-based game (I'm sure it is planned) later down the road just so I can continue to hope for a true worthy Sonic.

If it blows my mind, though, I'll hope for the Dreamcast 2.

SoapShoes3238d ago

I run a Sonic fansite and it doesn't matter if they redid Sonic 3 in HD, added new levels, and called it Sonic 4 they would never be happy. There will always be people who complain no matter what when it comes to Sonic, it doesn't matter if they made the most innovative and best game ever. "Oh the game is great but his feet don't make a wheel and it pisses me off so I'm going to rant all over the internet about it"...