6 ways video games are killing you

Examiner: " Video games are almost universally recognized as being one of the greatest innovations ever to hit the public, right after high-speed Internet, McDonald's and HBO. But they've earned their share of naysayers over the years, too.

As innocuous as gamers may claim their hobby to be, the news routinely disagrees, presumably because they haven't fulfilled their dreams of ruining the fun out of everything ever invented for young people. Just like rock and roll, MTV and marijuana, video games are inconspicuously killing you."

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teenieboober3232d ago

Reading about the Mass Effect debacle still makes me laugh. Good old Fox News. You guys suck.

-Alpha3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

Though I do think it's true video games have impacted me physically, emotionally, mentally, and socially. The thing is that this is applicable to numerous activities and one has only themselves to blame for not having the power of self-control.

I've out on weight, I've gotten frustrated, I've put off studying, and I've even put off others, but if you can't manage to control yourself then it's your own damn fault.

Just like watching TV, sitting on the computer, and hell, even reading does it too (but nobody does that anymore). Video games are simply a scapegoat, but they are far too established and big for people to "take down". Just like television and computers.

tehk1w13232d ago

I think there has been studies that tie elevated aggression to video games.

That said, though, I hate people who try to use video games as a scape goat.