Mass Effect 2: Exploring the Normandy Crash Site

If you received the initial DLC available for Mass Effect 2 then you know you can have access exploring the Normandy Crash Site. Just Push Start has created for you a quick guide on this exclusive part of the game and will tell you a few hints on the mission plus a few other extra things.

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Sub4Dis3208d ago

this was a pointless read. pretty sure this guy wanted to make a game guide but didn't wanna be bothered doing anything difficult so he just made this.

this ranks right up there with the guides that explain how to solve the "puzzles" in uncharted 1 and 2.

if you need a guide for these things, maybe gaming isn't for you...

rakunado3208d ago

my thoughts exactly, i was scared i missed something like the hardcore difficulty geth rifle... but in the end... WHAT THE??? I mean who really needs a walk through for this??? ahhaa.

Turbo Teddy3208d ago

This DLC mission doesn't match the storyline either.. In the start *spoiler* saids that a couple people died during the crash, but we get to collect 20 dogtags ;-)

DJKGBYF3208d ago

yeah how can someone die but their dog tags end up in a crate you gotta break?

Zalset3208d ago

I liked this mission. Just loved the atmosphere and walking around without having to shoot anything.

VladimirK3208d ago

I don't really get how this is a news story tbh.

It's just a small guide, for one, tiny mission in the game.
Think of how much of the news front pages would be wasted if there was an article about each one.