Paragon Scores First Legit 25-Man Lich King Kill

GuildOx reports that Paragon, from the European Lightning's Blade realm, has defeated the Lich King and acquired the Frozen Throne achievement. While well-known guild Ensidia had defeated him yesterday on 25-man difficulty, they also employed some dubious techniques to win and later paid the price for it by having their loot and achievements removed.

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MajestieBeast3207d ago

Lol ensidia powned by exploits dumbasses.

moe843207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

Lol yeah. All the hell Ensidia raised about Exodus and Yogg O. Karma ftw

Grats to Paragon though. Sadpanda crys @ first attempt kill though >.<

**EDIT** From WOR
"We started with our alt raid first to scout the tactics, as he proved to be fairly challenging for a normal mode encounter. After we had the tactics pinned down, we logged our main characters, and went on to one-shot the boss in that raid."

So I guess it wasn't a "1 shot" so-to-speak. Still, congrats.

Conventional3207d ago

banned because of an "exploit"? come on! This sounds more like Blizzard trying to cover their own @sses than anything. I'm glad I quit WoW.

moe843207d ago

Who said Ensidia was banned? They had their loot, titles and achievements removed. Hardly a ban, besides the term ban is unnecessarily overused and misunderstood. Blizz suspends then bans. If anything had, or will happen they will get a suspension(provided the individual accounts are in good standing).

Glad something happened to them. I'm not trying to "hate", but double-standard plagues Blizz. Good to see Blizz upholding their policies.

Conventional3207d ago

that's what it said in one of the links within the article.

moe843207d ago

Again, ban and suspension are different. 90% of people either don't know, or are too stupid to tell the difference.

Suspension is temporary, and you can come back from.
Ban, you're done.

Pretty sad that falls into that too stupid category. They're supposed to be a reputable website, that knows their wow sh!t.

Conventional3206d ago

you're just trying to cover your ass here. a temporary ban and a suspension are the same thing. Either way they couldn't play the game for 3 days because of an "exploit"

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Bobbykotickrulesz3207d ago