Heavy Rain Graphics Top Uncharted 2

NextGN writes: "The final code of Heavy Rain has arrived and, let me tell you, it´s amazingly impressive. We all knew the game was going to look great from all the screenshots we saw but the preview build really got me excited about the release. I spoke to Sony´s Public Relations team and they assured me that Heavy Rain´s graphics would top Uncharted 2: Among Thieves - now, that´s not easy. So far, the closest thing I´ve seen to Uncharted 2 graphics is Mass Effect 2, that was until now."

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nogolis3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

Um... No. But it should have since there isn't any gameplay in Heavy Rain save for "Dragon's Lair" inspired timed button presses, ala Shadow of Destiny/Memories. < Great game for you morons who think Heavy Rain and QD are breaking the mold with this type of game... They're not. There are several similarites in these two games ...

Both QTE games that you can control loosly.
Both have and center around a murderer.
Both have a movie narrative to them.
Both are set in one location/town. Shadows spans time, though.
Both give you branching plots and endings. Shadows has 9 of them. 1 hidden.

Don't believe me... Check out Shadows on Ps2/PC here in the states or Xbox if you're in the pal region. Shadows did this stuff years before this game. Years. Right down to the clown handing out Baloons, only in Shadows it was a Mime.

PirateThom3208d ago

What is gameplay? The playing of a game?

The ability to move and interact?

The character's interactions with other characters and the world around them?

How does Heavy Rain not have gameplay if it has these things?

nogolis3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

Are you disagreeing with my notion heavy rain isn't a game or that Shadows of Destiny didn't do what Heavy Rain is doing? Because you need to play it before speaking out about it. The events in the game... The characters you meet... The QTE nature of them. Shadows did this nearly 10 years ago, man.

Disagree with my opinion of HR not being a game all you want. It's your right to do so, but don't discredit Shadows until you played it. Maybe you should, it'll tide you over until HR drops and you'll see how scary similar they are.

PirateThom3208d ago

No, I'm disagreeing with your concept of what gameplay is.

Beg For Mercy3208d ago

is no where near unchrted 2, the animation and the overall look looks no where near

gamer20103208d ago

I beg to differ. Mass Effect 2 has much more realistic graphics in my opinion.

Kazu0 Hirai3208d ago

I also agree, the detail in the characters and the environment, the special effects, the frame-rate, mass effect 2 looks far better than uncharted 2 in every regard. The best part though: the story is about 100 times better!

PLAYstar3208d ago

go play your ATARI 2600 and stop whining. Your complaining about gameplay fundamentals? WTF!?

Ohh nice one Hirai being sarcastic i see.

Foliage3208d ago

HAHAHAHAH gamer2010 is the best comedian I've ever heard of.

Uncharted 2 graphics are lightyears better than Mass Effect 2. I've played both, no contest.

You might want to try picking up Uncharted 2, it was game of the year for a reason.

heroprotagonist3208d ago

Mass Effect 2 graphics are lightyears better than Uncharted 2. I've played both, no contest.

I mean, while we're exaggerating...

baum3208d ago

Nobody cares, move on and get the f*** out of this website, nobody likes you, nobody on any camp, you are worse than HHG, GTFO.

4point7BillionLoss3208d ago

and heavy rain ... it's just a shower and a toilet seat ... not exactly a gaming paradise ...

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Boink3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

uncharted 2 is an RPG/adventure game, heavy rain is a massive quick time event/interactive movie, although an awesoome looking and interesting one at that.

it would be like saying heavy rain has better graphics than MAG, or halo, well DUH...

blitz06233208d ago

"So far, the closest thing I've seen to Uncharted 2 graphics is Mass Effect 2, that was until now."
I think Killzone 2 looks better than Mass Effect 2, but it's hard to tell.

Anyway, Boink, you're missing the point here. It is fine to compare the 2 games since we're talking about how Heavy Rain 'looks' better, not 'plays' better than Uncharted 2.

cmrbe3208d ago

and RPG????. WTF??.

It is extremely funny how you young gamers just throw RPG around without knowing what it is.

young juice3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

wtf uncharted is a role playing game.

damn i played through it 4 times without even noticing

Edit: @cmrbe

aww you beat me to it

Saaking3208d ago

PS3 exclusives outdoing each other. There really is no competition.

Press_Agree3208d ago

There is no way any game will ever beat the graphical epicness that UC2 offered in this generation of gaming

Grandmaster3208d ago

My version had no RPG elements in it?
Where'd you buy yours at?

Hellsvacancy3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

"So far, the closest thing I´ve seen to Uncharted 2 graphics is Mass Effect 2"

Was the geeza drunk or smokin crack when he played Mass Effect 2? ME2 looks good (and i WILL buy i 4-my PS3) but NOT Uncharted 2 good and im not even a massive fan of the Uncharted series either (rented them both)

The Maxx3208d ago

So Uncharted 2 < Heavy Rain < Alan Wake (since we have all seen the comparison pics and can clearly see that Alan Wake looks better than Heavy Rain). At least from the comparisons I have seen.

Take note that the Alan Wake screen shots are of an old build that we saw a couple years ago.

MisterNiwa3208d ago

If Uncharted were Demons Souls it would be a RPG.

Problem solved.

butterfinger3208d ago

"At least from the comparisons I have seen."

Luckily none of us value your opinion.

cmrbe3208d ago

Was that a joke. See if Alan can beat Gears let alone U1 before tyring to compare it to U2. Funny kid.

DaTruth3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

I need you to understand! Heavy Rain's graphics are better than Uncharted 2!


mal_tez923208d ago

Not the 360 version of course. Only when you have an awesome computer like me and have all the settings at max.

But in terms of gameplay

Uncharted > Uncharted 2 >>>> Mass Effect 2

NinjaAssassin3208d ago

well, nothing i have seen from the game looks better than uncharted 2. it goes for a more realistic look compared to uncharted 2's more colorful graphics, but if we are talking technical things like textures and lighting then uncharted 2 still looks much better.
heavy rain can look really good sometimes, but other times it looks kind of bad. for example, i don't think we can even find an uncharted 2 screenshot that looks as bad as this screenshot from heavy rain.

i do agree with him about mass effect 2 being one of the best looking games though. been playing it lately and it is gorgeous.

rezzah3208d ago

thats not the point. The point is that the graphics is better. who cares if gameplay doesnt meet your certain veiw on how a game should be played. People complain too much, stop hoping for more than what it is and enjoy what you get.

Redlogic3208d ago

before an fanboy derails what was a decent conversation about the topic at hand...thanks Maxx! I didn't realize this was an Alan Wake thread, go shine a flashlight somewhere will ya.

Jamegohanssj53208d ago

ROFLMAO! Da Truth I lol'ed. Bubbles.


gamer20103208d ago

I agree with sub4dis. I don't see how this game looks better than uncharted 2.

SilentNegotiator3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

Heavy rain isn't really rendering as much, though. Most of the environments we've seen we're small and indoors, and often with nagging frame rates at that.

Amiroo3208d ago

if uncharted is a RPG then heavy rain is a FPS game . and you say masseffect 2 graphic looks like uncharted ? it's better because it's 4times bigger 4times longer than uncharted and everytime you play the game you see somthing new ...

FamilyGuy3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

This pic is very impressive. O.O

"I didn't realize this was an Alan Wake thread, go shine a flashlight somewhere will ya."


SaberEdge3208d ago

Kind of a let down that he says the game has noticeable screen tearing. I hate screen tearing. It's one of the things I really don't like about Battlefield Bad Company 2.

Raf1k13208d ago

We need to set this straight.

Mass Effect as pretty as it is isn't anywhere near U2 level graphics even on the PC which is a straight port as it has the same res textures and the extra effects forced through hardware with a higher res don't really increase the impressiveness of its visuals (just makes it look sharper).

I love the way ME2 looks but U2 is better not just in terms of the technical stuff too (e.g. lighting which is amazing).

LesterCorncrake3208d ago

When some goon mentions the PC's superiority it kinda reminds me of when someones dad tells a bad joke to a his son and his group of bemused looking pals,

honestly no one gives a sh1t

bacon133208d ago

"uncharted 2 is an RPG/adventure game"

Yea, I loved those summons and limit breaks. I doubt the graphics of Heavy Rain will surpass UC2. But, I couldn't really care less as both have stellar graphics.

ForROME3208d ago

" massive quick time event/interactive "

Totally agree, I played the game and kind of had a MAG like moment, I applaud the effort, but its just not for me and the graphics are impressive until you think about it being a giant quick time event game

3208d ago
Downtown boogey3208d ago

Wonder when anything's gonna pass Killzone 2...

sikbeta3208d ago

UC2 RPG lol

UC2 = Action + Platformer Game + a bit of stealth



As usual, PS3 Exclusives pushing The Boundaries ONE After the OTHER

Gamers FTW!!!

baum3208d ago

"So far, the closest thing I´ve seen to Uncharted 2 graphics is Mass Effect 2, that was until now"

LMFAO, thanks for the chuckle NextGN!!

dragunrising3207d ago

Personally I think Shenmue on the Dreamcast still looks better than Heavy Rain.

Case in point: useless comparison

FragGen3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

"better than Uncharted 2" is the latest internet meme!

Try the new "McRib from McDonald's it's better than Uncharted 2!"
Come see the new James Cameron movie! It's better than Uncharted 2!

lve2playbball3207d ago


...there you are again Saaking..all I have to do to find you is look at the title of the article...such a tool

el zorro3207d ago

There's Saaking again, being a troll as usual and all his Sony fanbuddies come to agree with him. I honestly wonder if Saaking works for Sony. He is always here spreading the same marketing spin that comes from Sony. All I can say is that Sony has a lot of fanboys duped.

Heavy Rain looks exactly like you would expect a game of this type to look. Indigo Prophecy was one of the most photo-realistic games on the PS2 and Xbox and beat other games because of its strict linearity and QTE scripting. If Quantic Dream had made Heavy Rain a multiplatform game like Indigo Prophecy was it would look just as good on the 360.

Nevertheless, despite its good looks, it still has flaws such as low texture resolution and screen tears. I don't even remember Indigo Prophecy having screen tear.

MNicholas3207d ago

Heavy Rain looks fantastic but it does not look better than Uncharted 2.

Killzone 2 does in some ways.

Killzone 3 might have a chance of matching or even beating Uncharted 2.

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THE MAX SPEED 213208d ago

I think UC2 looks better because of the Environements and there's more stuff going on screen.

PeterPanParadox3208d ago

Guess all we can really do is wait and see... or take his word for it.

Solidus187-SCMilk3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

As it looks great and has things like AI and Physics going on. I also prefer the locations and artwork in uncharted 2.

LesterCorncrake3208d ago

i imagine a large percent of gamers tv sets are not top of the range and this can influence an opinion on visuals greatly, im using a panisonic viera and i havent seen sh1t come close to UC2...uumm maybe killzone

RedDragan3207d ago

Using Sony Bravia...

Killzone 2 is the best for me. Haven't played UC2 or ME2 yet so cannot comment. Will play HR before those, my opinion is reserved for a later date.

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FiftyFourPointTwo3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

Ah, a PS3 excluive against a PS3 exclusive. No surprises here. ;)

cmrbe3208d ago

Thats what PS3 exclusive do.

PeterPanParadox3208d ago

...and to think, God of War III comes out next month.

heroprotagonist3208d ago

You think PS3 games only compete with PS3 games? Well, you are wrong. Uncharted 1 had to go up against Gears of War 1 and there was no clear victor except in each individual's mind. Killzone 2 was compared to Gears of War 2 and no matter which game you think looks better, the fact that comparisons were made proves that the games were comparable. Nobody did a Killzone 2 vs Super Mario Galaxy comparison after all. Recently Uncharted 2 came out and now people are comparing Mass Effect 2 and Uncharted 2. The two consoles are quite comparable.

Danteh3208d ago

um... that some webs do comparisons for hits is quite meaningless, look at that heavy rain vs alan wake retarded comparison with blurred screens and whatnot.
It's just that de 2 HD consoles must be compared, but there is an abysmal difference between the two.

JBaby3433208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

You think there was no clear winner in the Uncharted vs. Gears debate? Did you miss the kinetic ninja comparison link? It's pretty clear who won that one.

On topic: HR may have more life-like characters but considering what UC2 is putting on screen I have to give UC2 the overall graphics crown. But we'll have to play HR to know for sure.

starchild3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

That lame fanboy's blog that spent 95% of the time comparing only character models, as if that's all there is to graphics. Is that the one you are talking about?

Come on, that was a joke. Any fanboy can write a blog in a way that slants things unfairly in one game's favor.

But why do you even need the opinion of some fanboy blogger when you have both games and can play them for yourself? I've done that and there are ways Gears of War looks better and ways that Uncharted looks better.

If what you are saying was true, why didn't all the reviews point out that the PS3 finally had a game that blew away Gears of War? That would have been headline worthy, don't you think?

lowcarb3208d ago

Sony's were more powerful marketing attempt has worked on the minds of many ps3 fanboys. One look at Metro 2033 and Alan Wake prove nothing on PS3 except for Last guardian (I still need to see more 1st and gameplay)are in the same league.

Danteh3208d ago


don't worry, everything will be allright ;)

JBaby3433207d ago

So what character models are not important? If that with the better animations/blending isn't enough there's also the greater draw distances, much better lighting including the dynamic environments and lighting in them not to mention generally more happening on screen in UC1 vs. gears especially with the water thrown in. We can each have an opinion but it's clear to me gears does not look as good and does not do as much.

I would like to hear your arguments though as getting another perspective with a nice debate would be interesting.

At low carb: I haven't seen much of Alan Wake but from what I have... you can't be serious. It certainly doesn't look bad but it is not that impressive.

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MajestieBeast3208d ago

So its ps3 exclusive vs ps3 exclusive vs ps3 exclusive. Thats how it goes on consoles this generation.