UFC Undisputed 2010 Box Art Revealed, Brock Lesnar Is Cover Athlete

THQ unveiled the cover for their mixed martial arts game UFC Undisputed 2010 today. This year Brock Lesnar will be gracing the cover.

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Voozi3028d ago

I like the cover art style, much better than 2009's, but would have preferred a different fighter, oh well.

nogolis3028d ago

He's won like 2 fights, 1 of which was rigged, hardly a big sell for people who actually know UFC, not unlike Golf, Basketball and wrestling are all paid sports. There is big dollars in trademarked characters, folks. Remember that. When you see a so called "sport" with trademarked players you know you're dealing with a corporation. Not unlike an industry.

Besides, I heard ol' Broc here suffered from Dervaticulitus... Isn't he a little unhealthy to be fighting in the "octagon"?? Please, this $#*T is a joke.

tehk1w13028d ago

Seriously. I hope Carwin destroys Lesnar.

3028d ago
Bloodshedder3028d ago

come on?? my comment deleted by mod?? just by saying LOL a lot of times??? come on, brock doesnt have class his an ars, he gives a bad image to other fighters, and they have way experienced and talented fighters on the UFC, that cover art just shows how much they want to sell the game to any one that knows brock... man UFC sucks!