Sega Offers Reasons Iron Man 2 Won't Be Dreadful

Sega's Iron Man: The Movie video game was not a well-reviewed piece of interactive entertainment. When someone from Sega show you the sequel, they admit this. In theory it should be easy to explain how Iron Man 2 is better.

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Elven63235d ago

The PC version of the original Iron Man was decent, not the kind of decent that you should pay full price for but still better than the console versions.

Michael-Jackson3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Yes it will still suck, it may be better the first but I don't think it will reach Origins-Wolverine quality.

rroded3234d ago (Edited 3234d ago )

not a 60 dollar title but still a fun 8h-10h romp for 20...

lvls are huge and free roming n the flight mechanics are pretty solid (better than dark void imo) tho the fighting coulda used some tweaking.

djfullshred3234d ago

The game will need to score 9's for anyone to want to take a chance at buying it.

Nugan3234d ago

I remember the development team for the original Iron Man game making claims similar to this--how it would not be of low quality like other movie games--before it was released, and now Sega is apologizing for that game and promising the sequel will be better. Sorry, but I'm skeptical.

RememberThe3573234d ago

Maybe this will too. I'm always down for a great game. Here's to hoping they deliver.

AssassinHD3234d ago

Batman: Arkham Asylum was not based on a movie.

RememberThe3573234d ago

They are making their own game with their own story. This will release around the same time as the movie but they are telling their own story.

kingme713234d ago

Batman AA and Wolverine were 2 quality comic book/movie inspired games that didn't suck. I would hope publishers/devs would take note and learn the lessons from the past that they can make a quality game based on a comic hero if they aren't just looking for the quick cash in.

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