Top 10 most downloaded PSP games in 2010 so far

The top 10 most downloaded PSP games on the Playstation Store so far in 2010.

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xxPIETROxx3237d ago

All lf tehm in there lol! not surprised about littlebigplanet, its awesome, i thought maybe jak and daxter would be in there though...

FragGen3237d ago

Does that include Bittorrent data? :(

RH063237d ago

It clearly says the playstation store

40cal3237d ago

That's a very solid list of games.

FragGen3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

@RH06: It was a JOKE. I'm a HUGE PSP fan, I have four of them. It breaks my heart that some developers have struggled to find a profitable situation with the device.

Neo Nugget3237d ago

Bloodlines is pretty high up. I guess people buy it despite the negative scores it's gotten.

LtSkittles3237d ago

Well, I bought it, because I enjoyed both AC1,and AC2, and I wanted to see what happened after 1. Also, I was curious about something that happened to Altair in 2.

sikbeta3237d ago

LBP, GT Portable and GOW:CoO FTW!!!

execution173237d ago

man i wish i had some money to get LBP and GoW CoO

FragGen3236d ago

I know they're OLD but, man, the Syphon Filter games might be my two favorite PSP games. It seems those get completely overlooked by people who are just getting into the PSP. The GTA stuff is really good, admittedly but SF is from the same era as the first two but does not have the brand recognition. If you are a PSP fan and do not have them, yet, get 'em ASAP.