US PlayStation Store Update – 4th February 2010

US PSblog writes: "Hi Everyone – It's time for the weekly PlayStation Store Update."

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butterfinger3211d ago

BBC2 and AvP demos for me I suppose. :)

TooTall193211d ago

I'm interested in the AvP demo as well. I don't know much about that game.

ShadowRyuX3211d ago

Not bad, but I already downloaded the two demos on the 360. AVP is a disappointment so far...

Echo3073211d ago

I love store updates that are loaded with demos. Even if they're not games I really was interested in, I'll always give a free demo a shot.

In this case, I'm very interested in both BC2 and AvP, so life is good!

Bnet3433211d ago

BC2 and Strikeforce for me. Tried AvP on 360 and held off Strikeforce on 360 to play it on PSN. I wasn't impressed with BC2 on 360 so I want to test out the PS3 side. I heard the maps are different. Good update overall.


is REALLY a dissapointment 4 me.The graphics are dull and the gameplay is worse. I played as the Alien and that was a good taste but the marines class and the predator...I really dont like them. I had high hopes 4 this game and hope its only just because is a bad demo.


Ohh BTW that AFTERBURNER video on the Euro Store looks amazing!!

dbf3211d ago

If anyone wants to play some BC2 feel free to add me. psn: d-b-f

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Souji Seta3211d ago

but when is that Demon Soul's Dynamic theme going to show up?

Neo Nugget3211d ago

Weak psp update again. :(

butterfinger3211d ago

that the PSP Go relaunch rumors are true! A $50 price cut and forcing all UMD games to be on the store would be a great jump start for Sony's pretty little gadget.

Kyur4ThePain3211d ago

I will be getting a Go for sure.

FelicityOldGamer3211d ago

BBC2 and AvP demos are good things dont you think ?

GLoRyKnoT3211d ago

Still all-over MW2! But have been missing this BAD since DICE ended the PS3 beta early:P

Cheeseknight283211d ago

Eh... played BFBC beta already, and just played the AVP demo on XBL.

Just... meh.

d10sfan3211d ago

Well, for the people who havent played either one, it is a good update.2

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