Mass Effect 2 figures from DC Comics [early pre-ordering begins]

Now that you may have experienced the saga of Mass Effect 2, you probably want to hang out with the likes of Shepard and crew. Or at least have them adorning your desktop or gaming space. DC Comics is releasing series one of a Mass Effect line-up of figures. The first wave includes Shepard (6.75" h), Grunt (6.8" h), Tali (6.65" h) and Thane (6.75"), scheduled for release later this year.

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dgroundwater3207d ago

Lol? Shepard looks kinda goofy but the others are well done. Seriously that isn't Shepard >_>

Ghostsmoker3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

Shepard looks more like Method Man in white ...

Charmers3207d ago

I would have personally preferred models of the space craft and vehicles in the game than lame "dolls". The Shepard character is totally useless since like most I play a custom Shepard that looks nothing like that.

jaraldo3207d ago

Yea they really messed up on the shepard figure. The only one I would consider getting is Thane. Models of the vehicles would have been cool.

hellboy18803207d ago

Sheppard looks more like Henry Rollins.

Thane not much better.


Aaroncls73206d ago

Looks bad. If I were a kid I'd rather play with a dirty toilet than with these toys.

RockmanII73206d ago

You would be a weird kid