L.A. Noire is Game Informer's March cover story

SCRAWL's Sal writes: "Rockstar Games said that news about L.A. Noire would arrive this month and they didn't lie. Game Informer's next cover story is none other than the Team Bondi-crafted L.A. Noire."

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jcgamer3207d ago

FINALLY...can't wait to read some new info...

Rockstar rocks! :)

TheDudeAbides3207d ago

LA Noire for me is one of the most anticipated games among Agent, Medal of Honor, The Last Guardian and GTA V.

Christopher3207d ago

Very surprised by this. Didn't think they'd have anything really new until after Red Dead Redemption. Perhaps this will draw more light to the upcoming western game by showing what else is coming up?

Anyway, can't wait to get my copy in the mail, and it looks like it is going multiplatform since I'd expect to see something that would say "PS3" on that cover if it was still exclusive. Could still be exclusive, but seems unlikely since they'd want that exclusivity advertised heavily on a cover of a magazine.

Lifendz3207d ago

Like is this exclusive or multiplatform, whether Rockstar North is working on it, is it GTA in LA?

40cal3207d ago

I would be checking my mail right now if I had not already.

PR0X13207d ago

bu bu bu bu bu rockstar sucks... what happened the last few weeks that all ps3 fanboys all of the sudden L O V E rockstar?

oh that's right.. all of the sudden GTA4 is the best game evar. You ps3 fanboys are the saddest people ever :P

TheDudeAbides3207d ago

Rockstar is a publisher, game is made by Team Bondi.
Rockstar North is doing Agent.

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sabestar3207d ago

Hell, It's about time Rockstar. I've been waiting to hear about this since 2006 (when I first saw the trailer)

kissmeimgreek3207d ago

and its coming to both PS3 and 360!!!!1


(one of the staff members says its not exclusive on the second page of comments)

P.S. you can tell its a staff member since his avatar is in blue incase you didnt know...

Fishy Fingers3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

It's been known to be a multiplat for ages.

butterfinger3207d ago

You're a little late to the party.

kissmeimgreek3207d ago

i meam its been CONFIRMED. its just nice to know for sure.

thereapersson3207d ago

LA Noire isn't exclusive. Rockstar is reserving exclusivity for another one of their unannounced titles -- on the PS3, no less.

Cyrus3653207d ago

^^^ No Rockstar has already announced their PS3 exclusive, which is Agent....And it has similar terms to 360 GTA IV DLC exclusivity...a year or longer exclusive...Sony "loaned" them money, again similar to msoft deal with rockstar early.

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Gigalol3207d ago

Is not a ps3 exclusive


NYC_Gamer3207d ago

well its 3rd party and should be multiplat

36T3207d ago

Good! I would've been jealous. The game looks solid.

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The story is too old to be commented.