O'Connor Talks Halo Movie, Halo: Reach Microsoft's Frank O'Connor updates IGN on all things Halo.

When IGN asked of a Halo movie:

"...And we're Microsoft," said O'Connor. "We're muscular. We can afford, much like James Cameron, to sit here and wait for the best opportunity…And by the way, can you print, right after I said that, I do not think that Halo is going to be the next Avatar? Cuz I will be dragged through the streets, bleeding, unless I caveat that!"

Finally, we couldn't leave without a look ahead into Halo's future, asking O'Connor about the challenges involved with engaging an audience so thoroughly plugged into the legend of Master Chief with side-stories, presented over a number of art forms, that simply don't include the iconic hero? Which is all to say, as a gamer, which would you rather play: Halo: Reach or Halo 4?

O'Connor simply laughed, immediately dismissing the challenge.

"If you don't think that Halo: Reach is Halo 4…"

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