Demon's Souls Replacement Guides Shipping Next Week

The replacement strategy guides for the deluxe edition of Demon's Souls will be shipping next week.

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xXKingofStingXx3209d ago

Balls! I missed on this, had no idea Atlus was doing anything about it...damn...

-Alpha3208d ago

yup, that's exactly what they were doing and it's SO generous.

Some people were experiencing the cover fading away unusually fast.

Luckily for me I'm alright and my copy is fine (at least I hope it's fine, I hope it doesn't start to fade).

Unfortunately not everybody who experienced the problem knew about this and now they are not taking in any more replacements.

I have to say that for an extra $10 the Deluxe Edition is pure awesome. I never buy these special editions because they are worthless but this truly was great.


Don't you wanna know what it smells like!?? It's one of the main reasons why I bought it :)

presto7173208d ago

Now just waiting for them to make some DLC and fix up that broken archstone.

execution173208d ago

guides, cool back in the day when you needed to know combos finishing moves etc. on fighters back in the day. now it just seems like its a waste of cash getting them when you can just turn to youtube or some other website

Arnon3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

Yup. I missed this as well. I like how I emailed them back in October stating how my guidebook was fading, and they never sent me a return email. Then, I find out that they were doing replacements and I missed it by 2 days.

Not only was it not published through the Atlus mailing list, the online board when logging onto Demon's Souls, OR the News updates on the main site, but it was instead published in the deep confines of the Demon's Souls forums. 49 days is what they gave their loyalists/fanbase/mainstream customers while posting the process for replacements in a forum of all places. It was not the best notification and they know it.

Thanks Atlus.

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harrisk9543208d ago

But, then again, I've had no problem with my deluxe edition book!

ClownBelt3208d ago

What a respectable company.

40cal3208d ago

I was starting to think they forgot.

windmill1453208d ago

I was beginning to think my envelop got lost in the mail after waiting almost 3 month without any info.

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