SNES-Like Wii Gamepad Unleashed by DreamGEAR

From The Wiire: "DreamGEAR has released a new, very noteworthy controller. Dubbed the "Arcade Fighter Classic Pad," this Wii controller pays homage to the two main consoles from the 16-bit era: the Super Nintendo and the SEGA Genesis."

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IanCube3232d ago

This would b great for Sonic 4 this summer.

indiemike3232d ago

I wish it wasn't a third party controller, otherwise $15 sounds like a steal for something so close to being a SNES/Genesis controller. I'm just not sure the quality is up to par.

IanCube3232d ago

It's always hard to tell the quality of these 3rd party controllers.

I usually look for video reviews to get some sort of idea.

IanCube3232d ago

I gotta say, this was one of my favorite controllers back in the day.

Loved the 6 button setup.

IanCube3230d ago

Anyone actually going to pick this up?