Diary of a MAD Gamer: Will 2010 GoTY Be a "2 Horse race"?

Thekoalition writes: "Samara, My blue skinned god… Oh hello. I was just doing my praises to my new found gaming vixen. Samara from Mass Effect 2. The sexiest blue skinned humanoid since Liara (you guy can keep your half naked Na'vi. It's all about the centuries old "cougar" Asari in my book), but I digress. This article is about why I think Mass Effect 2 & God of War III are the forerunners of Game of the Year."

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MetalGearRising3211d ago

GOTY 2010 will be out of one of these games:

1.Halo Reach
2.Alan Wake
3.Mass Effect 2
4.Fable III
5.Splinter Cell Conviction

PS3 has some games but not GOTY worthy sadly for ps3 owners.

Digitaldude3211d ago

Least your in the right section.

Narutone663211d ago

He should be in the "Microsoft Employee spewing BS" zone.