PSLS Presents – Steve Lycett, Sumo Digital

PSLS: Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing is set to pit Sega's best loved franchises and characters against each other in frantic races across various famous Sega locations in what it sure to be a fun and enjoyable game. To discuss the title, PlayStation LifeStyle talked to Steve Lycett, the Executive producer at Sumo Digital, the developers of the game, about the title, the franchise, the DLC, and much, much more.

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ThePlaystation3guy3206d ago

Might just have to rent this game. Could be fun!

Trexman893206d ago

it looks like they are trying to go after the mario cart fan base.....and what is capture the chao?

ps3gamerkyle3206d ago

Good to see stuff coming out of Sumo Digital.

doctorstrange3206d ago

Sega Superstars Tennis was a great game

T3mpr1x3206d ago

I've never played any of their stuff, I'm probably going to rent this to see if I like it.

ftwrthtx3206d ago

a fun game for the whole family

doctorstrange3206d ago

If you like Mario Kart, you'll love this