PS3 and 360 Both On Pace With PS2 Sales

Relax, let the calm wind soothe you down. There is no need to worry which console will do better, because here we have a chart that tells us just how good each console is doing. Leave the fanboy comments at home, and looking at each of these consoles we know one thing: we still dont know where everything can go.

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XxZxX4197d ago

but that can only be one 100+ million, the others will fall short to 40~60 million.

Which one will be the lucky one.

Honeal2g4196d ago

maybe for every ps3 owned they might also get a 360 thats wat i plan on doing ....later next year i will buy a ps3 and have both 360 and ps3

Monchichi0254196d ago

This is a example of numbers not telling the whole story. The PS2 was sold out and did not meet demand till after the 2nd holiday season. The 360 didn't meet demand till after April. The PS3 on the other hand has been readily available since January and can't sell units.

Never did the sales of the PS2 or 360 go below 100k. The PS3 is at 62k per month and slipping.

power of Green 4197d ago

Does not matter PS2's real success was when it became a standard as lead platform and its price cuts.

Bonsai12144197d ago

ps2 started its run of success at its one year anniversary. titles like ffx, mgs2, dmc came out. same was the story with 360 with gears, and same will be the story with ps3 with heavenly sword, lair, warhawk etc.

Tsalagi4197d ago

This is what i have been saying all along. Both PS3 and 360 are excellent consoles which do well at catering to the demographic for which they were designed( PS3 high-def movies and games, 360 high-def games and online game-play). Regardless what the naysayers and fanboys alike have to say, both consoles are doing very well and have a good future ahead of them.

IBLEEDBLU4197d ago

VGCHARTS! those ppl are always rite.....

Tsalagi4197d ago (Edited 4196d ago )

Wouldn't have made more sense if they had used the green bar for the 360 and the red one for the PS3?

@ those who voted disagree- I didn't mean to reverse the games sold just to have green represent 360 and red PS3. The total sold would stay the same.

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The story is too old to be commented.