PS3 performing better than the PS1

Earlier today, Sony released their Q3 financial results. Sony sold over 6 million PS3s, and despite PSP and PS2 hardware being down, they saw an increase in profits, marking the first time Sony's gaming division has been in the black for years.

And though many have been quick to write off the PS3, the system is performing roughly on par with the original PlayStation.

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gauntletpython3208d ago

The big thing is gonna be if the PS3 can get the boost this year. The first 3 years, the PS1 only sold 13 million, while the PS3 did over 20 million. Then, PS1 started doing 20 million unit years after Final Fantasy VII hit.

Will any of the upcoming PS3 games give the console a Final Fantasy VII push? I think possibly that Agent could do just that.

butterfinger3208d ago

are both big system sellers. I know A LOT of people that are still waiting it out for one of those titles. Aside from those two, I can't think of a major system seller yet to release for any of the big three (except maybe the new Zelda). Microsoft blew it's load too early with Halo 3.

Saaking3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

Sony is the ONLY manufacturer to sell. OVER 100 MILLION consoles, not once but TWICE. If anyone knows what they're doing it's them, and the PS3 is definitely on it's way up. This (the fourth year) is the year the PS1 AND PS2 went on fire. It's the Ps3's turn now.

sikbeta3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

GT5 will be a Beast, is the Franchise that REALLY move Consoles, SONY will Make lot of GT5 Bundles cuz is Known How EUROPE and JAPAN love this Franchise and don't forget about GOW3, people that played the Previous Games and Don't have a PS3 will make the Big Jump, like what happened with MGS4 but much more Big cuz GOW is a more "appealing" Game, add to those Games FF13, well cuz Buy FF series on a PS Console is just a Tradition

Gamers FTW!!!

gaffyh3208d ago

Very impressive, especially considering the fact that PS1 launched at $299 and PS3 launched at $599.

SilentNegotiator3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

Bad news for Sales Chart/Xbox Fanboys....

mikeslemonade3208d ago

HAHA everyone who said PS3 wouldn't be as good as PS1 or PS2 were wrong. I'm right and I'm always freaking right I love it!!!!!

They should be able to stay above PS1's life to date sales with all the exclusives coming out for 2010.

zeeshan3208d ago

GT5 should help boost the sales even more!

Rampant3208d ago

LOL This is the dumbest article I've ever seen.

The PS1 sold bad in the beginning, like 1 million per year, because it had no hype like the ps3, that sold 3 million in its first year.

In their 4th year the ps1 sold 19 million, while the ps3 has sold about 11 million and will probably sell 1-2 million more... So no, please don't compare the ps3 to the ps1, because at this moment in time the ps1 was just about to take off. The ps3 has been living on blind hype until now.

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techie3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

Not for long. The PS1 sold 21 million in its next year...

butterfinger3208d ago

will move consoles, and if GT5 hits this year, I wouldn't be shocked to see a 20 million year from Sony. They've been doing better and better up to this point.

baum3208d ago

We'll probably see a $199 PS3. Maybe then they'll catch up to the PS1 again. That is of course, if PS3 can't beat the PS1 this year.

El_Colombiano3208d ago

$200 PS3 won't happen until Fall 2011 at the earliest.

sikbeta3208d ago

PS2 owners will buy a PS3 For GT5, that's for Sure
PS2 owners + JRPG Fans will buy a PS3 For FF13
PS2 casuals will buy a PS3 For GOW3, cuz they know about the game and will buy it for OBVIOUS Reasons

techie3208d ago

No price cut for a while...they're hoping to turn a profit on the $299 this year...and by March 2011 that'll only be a $32 profit on each console. So...nah, not until 2012.

mikeslemonade3208d ago

I think they can reach 16 to 17 million for fiscal 2010. Europe and Japan have yet to catch on to PS3 and when they do those territorries will help a lot.

baum3208d ago

Are you implying no price-cuts for two years straight after strong competition and being behind? If they don't bundle PSArc and knock at least $50 they'll be left behind. Besides, by 2012 it might be too late as new consoles could very well be around the corner; that is unless none of the big 3 decides to launch anything, which is not verylikely.

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Trebius3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

Even priced at twice the amount of the 360 the PS3 managed to keep up and continue selling consoles consistently.

There's no doubt in anyone's mind that the SONY brand console will overtake M$.

They have the games, they have the Hardware, and they have the Vision.

M$ didnt make the 360 with 10 year lifespan in mind, they have only 2 1st party devs as opposed to 24, and their focus now is on taking the Wii's $$$, so you thought the 360 has no games NOW? Wait til next year lol.

Ppl were playing Gears 2 and Halo 3 for YEARS before MW2 came out, now they'll be playing MW2 til REACH comes out, cause 360 has no exclusive games.

Xbox fanboys love to remain ignorant at what they're missing...yeah Resistance 1 & 2 Suck, Ratchet TOD 1 & 2 suck, Wipeout HD/Fury sucks, Valkyria Chronicles sucks, Demon Souls sucks, Infamous sucks, MAG sucks, Heavy Rain sucks, Motorstorm sucks, Warhawk sucks, Uncharted 1 & 2 sucks, Little Big Planet sucks, Heavenly Sword sucks, Haze sucks, Lair sucks, Metal Gear Solid 4 sucks...


You bots own yourselves everday that you support M$ lol.

It just means you support a lack of innovation, lazy hardware, and mediocrity.

lol there's a group of bots that hate me and follow my posts to take my bubbles, I like to give them something to read that hits home. So they continue to PM me that i'm a [email protected], cause thats all little b!tch xbox fangirls can do. :)

I've had 1 account here for YEARS AND YEARS, never made a second, and never matter how many times I log on and see only 1 bubble lol.

Cause only losers like Bungie (i see you reading this) make 100 multiple accounts to bubble + themselves and bubble drain ppl like me ;)

With the amount of money you spent on a Hard Drive, Wi-fi, & Xbox Live you'd be able to afford a couple of extra games. Then again PS3 is for adults, I didnt have to save up my lunch money for months to get one like YOU would have to kid. ;) ...obviously you're too broke to try new games, so good thing you dont have a ps3.

butterfinger3208d ago

but you, my friend, are truly dedicated to it.

Obama3208d ago

Bubbles to all you ps3 fans.

dtrain213208d ago

I don't wanna waste my money on FLOP games or else I would be disappointed, despressed, and broke. Although my Blu-Raystation is a good movie player. I wonder if Heavy Buttons is rated R or NC-17 at the movie theatres

Michael-Jackson3208d ago

360 has the multi-platform experience :) that's all :(

butterfinger3208d ago

You do understand that the PS3 has a higher percentage of quality games than the XBOX360 right? Well, anyway, I hope you realize that your "flame war speak" wasn't even clever at all. Seriously, "blu-raystation"? It's not 2006, buddy, get over it.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi_3208d ago

+ If the PS3 came out at $299 the xBox 360 would have been long gone by now!!! ;-D
i.e the xBox 720'whatever' would be out. Micro$oft are just LUCKY that the PS3 cost a lot when it came out. Your luck Micro$oft is running out!!! ;-D

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