Gaming Age | MAG Review

If anything, the game is a tech demo of sorts for what is possible in online gameplay. It delivers a fun experience and whether or not that's worth the price of admission now or until the game drops to $40 or $30 is up to how dedicated the person is. Warhawk proved that it wasn't in vain to release a game without any single-player campaign, although it has come very far from its original release in its content-a much more full grown idea now. MAG comes in and does a few more. Surely there will be additional content available to download over time, but the proof is in the pudding and whether or not its success is lasting depends entirely on the userbase. It also incorporates a light story into its missions, which isn't necessarily something new but still adds one more thing to ensure that it has some substance. For a game as ambitious as it is, MAG hit its target in crating a new type of online FPS environment and proved that sometimes, more is better.

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