Sega's new console system is simply a Wii clone

Sega has a new console system on the market, but it is likely a far cry from what fans are hoping for. Essentially it is a console with built-in Sega games, but designed to look and play similarly to the Wii - with Wii-mote style controllers and motion control games.

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pcz3231d ago

They aren't very good are they.

deadreckoning6663231d ago

I heard about this last summer, but I thought itd be somethg to get excited about

Hisiru3231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

It's not developed by Sega, it's just licensed by Sega (because of the games).

To keep it simple, this videogame is a Zone 40 (a chinese console) with sega games.

AAACE53231d ago

You can get the original Zone 40 at CVS pharmacy for $30. Do not credit this as a Sega console. It will just have old Sega games on it.

MiloGarret3231d ago

I still want it...

Honestly, one look at that SEGA logo and I can feel the tears coming!

I'm not kidding, I'll get it at some point. Oh Sega...
It doesn't help that the letters in Sega are also the combined initials of me and my girlfriend.

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DocHoliday3231d ago

Goddamnit we asked for a real console!

sukru3231d ago

It's "official SEGA licensed product".

There are already third parties making clones of older systems. This is not a new thing.

SilentNegotiator3231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

My jaw hit the floor when I read the title but then I read it wasn't really a SEGA-made console.

Deceitful title is deceitful.

DarkArcani3231d ago

What is with the recent craze with everyone speaking in repetition?
"Deceitful title is deceitful"

I have also seen "Stupid dumb game is stupid and dumb"

Just curious why everyone wants to sound like they have a 2 second memory.

asdr3wsfas3231d ago

I'm not sure but I think it's a 4chan meme that started "obvious troll is obvious."

Don't ever go to 4chan. Find a best of collection if you're even interested.

PinkUni3230d ago

not even really sega's style

it looks off brand just by the box art and style

if sega was really making somthing it would look way better

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shopsmartash3231d ago

Just go on CL or your local newspaper and find yourself a GC, PS2, or an old Xbox with a dozen or more games...probably much better quality ones at that.

fossilfern3231d ago

ffs sega stop licensing this crap out and use the money gained to make shenmue 3 !!!!! or a Dreamcast 2 :D

krouse933231d ago

People PAY SEGA for their licences not the other way around.

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The story is too old to be commented.