8.9 Darksiders Review has written: "Darksiders is the action game that you expect and deserve to be played by all lovers of the genre. His extraordinary strength lies in being able to merge this fun and frantic action of a typical 'hack and slash' a plot sufficiently deep action game, so that the protagonist becomes a charismatic enough to inspire the appeal is lacking in some titles even noble. immediate as intuitive gameplay, the levels varied in different game situations and enhance product quality, perhaps undermined by an excessive length of the riddles posts from time to time to break the purely phase action. Certainly the title does not aspire to compete with huge productions like God of War, natural landmark of the genre, but simply to gratify the player and push the end of every mission to continue to play by improving their skills. Unfortunately does not have an online component, reducing the longevity only to his experience in single-player campaign, but to be honest did not feel at all lacking."

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