Sony now loses $18 for every PS3 sold

PSUni: Although the PlayStation 3 Slim has prompted a resurgence in Sony's home console business, prompting 10.8 million PS3 sales in just nine months, the console is still losing money for the company. At least, the console's hardware is losing money, since software sales turn this into a profit. However, this hardware loss is nowhere near as significant a loss as it used to be.

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pangitkqb3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

for successfully bringing manufacturing costs down. The less money they lose on production the more they can put into product development and quality software.

Now is the best part of any generation of consoles. With the 360, Wii, and now PS3 all hitting their stride, the gaming community as a whole stands to benefit. When all consoles offer great games and systems at reasonable prices, the consumer wins all around.

Winner: Gamers

NateCole3236d ago

True but PS3 owners win more.

DavePSU3236d ago

Yeah man, gamers are definitely reaping the rewards this generation.

FaSeCeX3236d ago

last i checked the U.S. does not equal the world..

it could be turning profits in other regions of the world just not in the U.S.

but idk that answer nor do i give a flying f_ck
if u think its gonna tank sony then... LohL not much needs to be said about that

DavePSU3236d ago


North America is definitely not the world, but it is by far and large the largest market in the world. It is the result of more than half of Sony's total console sales every year, so the loss they take in America, is more than likely going to result in a loss across the board.

techie3236d ago

Well the original quote was 6cents to every they're giving the US number. I could be wrong...but some of that may be in the strength of the Yen.

The article does state a profit is most likely made in the UK.

young juice3234d ago

a few months ago they were losing $32 a ps3.

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Godmars2903236d ago

So that means for every PS3 + one full game, Sony makes money :p

ANd isn't the attach rate at this point 2.5?

techie3236d ago

No it's 7.8. 260 million divided by 33.5 million is 7.8 games per unit.

mattygamefreak3236d ago

Who -pause- the -pause- f*ck -pause- cares?

It's an amazing console with great games, there is no chance in hell Sony would ever go bankrupt etc

techie3236d ago

We know, this is good news.

young juice3235d ago

ya its good news, cus two months ago sony was losing $32 a ps3.

techie3236d ago

No room for another price cut. If they reduce the costs by a further $50 by 2011...then that's Sony making $32 per console....can't do another $100 price cut.

timzone3236d ago

$18 depends on where in the world the PS3 is bought. In New Zealand a PS3 has a RRP of $433US. My launch model was $827US. I don't regret one cent. Having said that if the price comes down further I might have to grab a second unit for the bedroom.

techie3236d ago

Yep of course. It mentions in the article about the UK and how a profit is most likely made there.

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