Jack Thompson: "Manhunt 2 ban is simply delicious"

Every gamers worst nightmare Jack Thompson has basked in the controversy surrounding Manhunt 2 and has called all the banning action as simply delicious. Thompson gloats that he had warned Take Two months ago that they would have huge problems with the title and then smughly remarks 'Who was right about that kidds?"He says this is the best thing that could happen to the gaming industry...

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zonetrooper54193d ago

Man I hate Jack Tompson, he is so annoying and this banning of Manhunt 2 is gonna make him belive that the gaming industry is full of evil. I wish that every gamer and the whole of the gaming industry come together and sue that dumbass for every penny hes got, now that would be awesome.

FreeMonk4193d ago

Jack Thompson is a big douche, but the problem at the moment is something bigger than him!

Jack Thompson has tried to do something like this for years, and failed due to him being totally nuts, and using evidence that's absolutly ludicrus!

The problem we have now is that an official classification board has put a stop to Manhunt 2 in the UK, and in turn made the developers of the consoles, Sony and Nintendo, officially put a stop to it too.

Nintendo and Sony knew what Manhunt 2 was when it was being developed, and didn't put a stop to it, and probably would of published and sold copies of Manhunt 2 if it wasn't brought to everyone's attention.

My only thought of how to get to play this game is if they do one of the following:

1. Edit down the violence and sex to get a decent rating(why? It's would definatly spoil the game)

2. Port it over to the X360, leave it region free in the states with an Adult Only rating so that Europe could import and enjoy, with MS still making some dough.

3. Someone leak it a review copy. There have be reviews already of the game, so someone needs to leak it. You'd have to modify your console, but at least it's out there. (I don't condone piracy!)

4. Scrap it, and leave it there and let Jack Thompson win!

Because that's what it will boil down to. The BBFC will carry on, there only doing there job. Sony and Nintendo are watching there reputation, but Jack Thompson will use this to his advantage and use it against other games.

What will happen when GTA4 come out?? Manhunt 2 is based on something un-realistic, something movie like. GTA4 is about gangs, guns, whores etc. More violent, more realistic to real life, and if Manhunt 2 gets this treatment, what about GTA4??

MS might of wasted $50 mil if Jack Thompson get's his way!!!

rosko4864193d ago


I'd say the biggest difference between GTA IV and Manhunt 2 are that GTA doesn't have necrophilia for starters.

FreeMonk4193d ago

GTA4 may not have necrophilia, and other weird things in Manhunt 2, but I'm sure that GTA4 will have influences that will appear more to the younger audience that WILL play GTA4.

Like I mentioned, with Manhunt 2, due to it's location, storyline etc, it feels very cinematic and in some states un-realistic to most people, but I personally thing that a game like GTA4 would do more damage due to it's realistic tone, it's realistic settings (New York), and it's range or real cars, guns, clothing etc.

Either way, it's up to the consumer if they buy a game or not, not some dodgy laywer called Jack. If parents are stupid enough to buy an Adult rating game for there kids, then it should be them who is penalised if anything goes wrong, not the gamers!

deso4193d ago

I bet he had an orgasm the moment it was banned

T_Tokyo20104193d ago

The way he's talking about it you'd think that news took his virginity.

MK_Red4193d ago

Superb post. I dont think that was the first in his life (GTA:SA getting AO and Oblivion getting M) but this was his biggest.

Eclipticus4193d ago

I wonder how that lawsuit again bill gates is shaping up. I wish MS would purchase T2 and Rockstar release MH2 on 360. A with all the money they make off it, send JT a xmas card with the finger and a F*ck you very much

unsunghero284193d ago

I really, really, want to punch Jack Thompson in the face.

No, actually, scratch that; I want to make a GAME where all you do is punch Jack Thompson in the face. I could sell it for millions and one of the unlockables could be all of these ridiculous letters and speeches he's made...

the_round_peg4193d ago

"Manhunt 2" belongs in the same category as snuff films. Even the liberal Europeans (who usually tolerate everything) ban it.

Of course, most gamers would still mindlessly defend Manhunt 2. Heck, they would defend any video game, even if the game lets gamer role-play as a serial rapist going around kidnapping and raping little girls. Gamers would still defend that game like cultists. They'd just say: "What's wrong with raping little girls? It's just a game." That's the idiocy of gamers.

Blackmoon4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

""Manhunt 2" belongs in the same category as snuff films. Even the liberal European (who usually tolerate everything) ban it."

Thats simply not true Europeans (in particularly Germany) countries generally have stricter game laws. Hell Gears of War wasn't even allowed to be release in Germany.

4193d ago
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