Former Microsoft VP Calls Out Microsoft For Lack Of Innovation in NYT Editorial

Seattletimes writes, "A former Microsoft vice president called out Microsoft for a lack of innovation in a New York Times editorial Thursday."

"Dick Brass, who was a Microsoft executive from 1997 to 2004, dissected how Microsoft's culture stunts innovation and compares the company to General Motors. Ouch. (As in Windows and Office are like General Motors' SUVs and trucks.)"

Here is a link to the editorial.

"With the recent announcement about Apple's iPad, Brass asks the question "... why Microsoft, America's most famous and prosperous technology company, no longer brings us the future ..." He goes on to call Microsoft a "clumsy, uncompetitive innovator."

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themafia3211d ago

they just milk money from there fans.

Fox013211d ago

Butthurt because he got fired. Cry Moar.

I guess PS3's motion controller, the Sixaxis, Trophies... are innovations right?
BTW, the only reason PSN is "evolving" is because they keep copying XBL.

bjornbear3211d ago

Butthurt? cry moar too =)

still he is being a bit butt hurt...but fox is being way more

he has a reason - e got fired by ms

Fox01 has no reason...or do you?

Christopher3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

1. He wasn't fired, he left the company on his own in 2004.

2. Saying that Microsoft isn't innovative is not saying the Sony is innovated.

3. If you can't listen to someone who was a VP for many years at a company and managed many of their projects, who can you listen to? Does Bill Gates need to be the one to say it in order for it to hold any weight with you?

I read the story on a few Web sites and got a few more bits of info:

"[D!ck Brass'] team developed ClearType (first announced in 1998), but due to infighting and jealousy within the company, was kept from shipping as a default until 2007 with Windows Vista."

"Similarly [D!ck Brass] argues that the Tablet PC was much restricted by an Office team that didn't believe in the concept, and therefore never developed a version of Office that was stylus-friendly."

"...almost all the executives in charge of "music, e-books, phone, online, search and tablet efforts over the past decade" have also left."

@N4G: Your word filter is ridiculous. We can't put a person's name in our post? Ridiculous.

KingME3211d ago

Probably wouldn't be so hard to accept if it wasn't some butt hurt former employee complaining "AFTER" he has left the company. Perhaps he should have spoken up when he was collecting a pay check.

Rush3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

Seriously reading your guys "unbiased" opinions is like watching a real live train wreck, you know nothing good can come from it.

Microsoft holding a gun to its customers head...

Why Sony send you cookies and flowers every time you buy a game...

Nineball21123211d ago

My god, Fox01.

Are you somehow related to Microsoft in some fashion?

Damn, I don't defend my own family as much as you defend Microsoft.

This guy was a vice-president. I would think he might.. just might.. know something about the MS culture.

It's a known fact that MS has built their empire on using others ideas... They often make them better, but nonetheless they use others ideas.

Where the hell do you think Billy got the idea for icons from? Hint: it's a type of fruit.

"The reality is that Microsoft did steal from the Mac, but that the company had what amounted to a license from Apple to do so. Indeed, as the bad Doctor's questioner alluded to, there was a lawsuit on this, and Apple didn't lose because there was no theft, but because of that license. The lawsuit ended up hinging on the terms of that lawsuit, and not the merits of Mac vs. Windows."

beardpapa3211d ago

Funny that I would rather believe the MS VP than anyone else here on N4G when talking about MS innovating and crap. Even Danny Choo thinks the same way and he worked at MS before.

Here.. quote from his website.

"There are a few things that I can probably publicly talk about Microsoft without getting in trouble."

"MS generally treat their employees very well - once you get a job at Microsoft, you can probably stay there for life. I didn't hear of Microsoft laying people off. But there is a bad side to this - poor performers are sent to work with other groups and end up affecting the productivity of that group."

"The other bad thing about this is that many people get in the comfort zone easily and try not to do anything that will rock the boat. There were only a handful of people who wanted to do something radical and put forward great ideas."

"Microsoft is unfortunately a follower and not an innovator. They would usually wait until a competitor is doing something before taking action."

"There was an internal process where you had to submit information about what the competitor is doing before the project was approved - meaning that it was not possible to submit something that was not already being done by others."

Taken from the words of Danny Choo himself. And you all must know who he is... if you don't geez what rock have you guys been livin in.

quotes from

Optical_Matrix3211d ago

Beardpapa I agree especially with the Danny Choo thing. And if you'rea regular on his site like I am or you probably are, you will realize this is why he is a mac/apple product user. Seriously wtf thinks this guy is butt hurt? He left the company on his own accord years ago. It's a fact that MS don't innovate. Apart from XBL what innovative ideas have they brought to the table over the past decade? They're a jack of all trades, master of none. They follow, they do not lead. Even Windows, was once good, now it's just a POS which is really one of the only great things to come out of MS and even now it's still a buggy mess which to my dissappointment I still use as it still gets the job done.
Point is MS are followers. Apple makes iPods, MS makes Zune....Apple makes iPad, MS make a Tablet PC, Sony make Playstation, Microsoft make Xbox, Nintendo make Wii/Sony Eyetoy, Microsoft make Natal, Wii makes Mii's and Microsoft make avatars. Anyone who doesn't see a trend here is blind as anything.

beardpapa3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )


and the sad thing is they're just getting back to WinMo now that blackberries/smartphones are the newest must-haves for casuals. What they should've done was continue support and improving it, but no they only thought to do so once the market share for smartphones skyrocketet and was no longer meant for "just" the business power users.

MS ain't all that bad, but to believe they are as innocent or as innovative as the other guys out there is plain denial.

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eagle213211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

Microsoft hates innovation, they rather just wait and see then copy. They spin their copying by hyping them as innovative. See

Godmars2903211d ago

Honestly can't tell if you're being serious or not. Calling those things "innovations" when everyone knows full well that they were created in direct response to pre-existing products and applications. Are examples of MS's usual SOP since the company first started.

eagle213211d ago

my first comment stated they LACKED innovation. I changed it because I don't understand how you could have been confused. :)

D4RkNIKON3211d ago

Yeah MS doesn't like to come up with new ideas so they scout CES and buy anything that looks interesting lol

ChozenWoan3211d ago

Doesn't the asian chick in the brochure remind you of the one that was playing the breakout game. And the dude in the green jumpsuit looks like a prototype for the "wanna see what the bottom of an Avatar's foot looks like... well BAM there it is" guy.

Keep on innovating MS... keep on innovating. ;)

CyberCam3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

I've been in the IT industry since 1988 and I can tell you that 95% of all M$ products are someone else's idea, since the inception of the company. Starting with the first version of DOS (which was purchased from a programmer in Texas for $50,000), Windows was another rip from Apple, parts of Office were bought out from other companies to create the suite to compete with Lotus and even Hotmail was purchased from another company that created it... I could go on for quite some time.

I must admit though, M$ did create Word, the laser mouse and XBL!

M$ has had a very long history of watching emerging technologies that threaten their business and buying them out or using dirty underhanded tactics to stifle them!

beardpapa3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

dude XBL is like TEN. Total Entertainment Network. You remember that? Except Ten was for PCs since we were still gaming on 28-56k, SNES and barely the PS1 during the time.

crazy dialup modems making those shrieking noises. I remember cindy margolis pictures took 1-3 minutes to load on AOL 1.0 back then. *evil laugh*

sikbeta3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

Wanna know what's the Problem with MS, Window$, That's It

They don't need to innovate when they know they Rule the OS World with Updated Versions of NT, so they prefer to make other stuff and if the thing don't do well, NO PROBLEM AMIGO, window$ profits will save their @$$ as always

Godmars2903211d ago

Its not that they lean on Windows, its that they've blocked he development of another OS. Any OS that comes onto the market, and this applies to Chrome, has to deal with the fact that majority of 3rd party software is only usable with Windows. That to compete with Windows they have to have access to have things like Adobe as well.

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Megaton3211d ago

Dude's got a pornstar name. "D!ck Brass". Awesome.

reaferfore203211d ago

This coming from a former MS exec... WOW. Very harsh words but also very hard to disagree with.

Trebius3211d ago

They wait for OTHERS to innovate then they copy. Hence Natal.

When they DID try to innovate and come out with the 360, PS3 came out and made their 360 look like a little kid's toy.

M$ doesnt know how to do anything except milk money from the sheep.

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