D3Publisher Announces Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire in Developed for the Wii

D3Publisher sends word that Land Ho is currently developing Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire for the Nintendo Wii. This 3rd person action-adventure game will use an intuitive two-handed Wii control scheme to use both arms simultaneously to emulate the arms, wings, tail and fire of the dragon. Check out the in-game trailer and concept art as well.

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ITR4111d ago

This game looks hot!

ITR4110d ago

I must have pissed someone off today because I lost a bubble and I only posted like 3 times today..

Sony boys must hate me..

PS360WII4110d ago

Awesome man! Yeah this'll be a fun one

texism4110d ago

I found this first! I guess it didn't get approved

ItsDubC4110d ago

Wow, the Wii is starting to really rack up those exclusives. The trailer looks pretty cool actually.

Matimus Prime4110d ago

This game looks great, Panzer Dragoon developers have the skill, and insight to not make another casual family game.

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