3D Gaming Won't Change the Industry in 2010

From the feature editorial:

"Since the beginning of cinematography, creators have constantly attempted to break the perceived fourth-wall in order to bring their audience into the universe they have set out to create. Derived from stereoscopic photography, 3D film, television and computer graphics essentially show the viewer two separate perspectives of the same image in order to create the illusion that the object in fact inhabits the same real-space as the viewer. James Cameron's Avatar has received much acclaim for utilizing this process in illustrating the gorgeous homeworld of the alien Na'vi and 3D viewings of the film are still selling out, propelling the film towards being the top grossing film of all time. Even so I seriously doubt that 3D gaming will change the industry anytime in 2010, maybe it'll be different in 2011."

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LaurenKB1233211d ago

Not sure if 3D gaming will take-off, at least until they do it without the need for glasses - no one likes glasses (more accessories)....

THE MAX SPEED 213211d ago

True. There's no doubt that 3D movies , Games etc etc will be part of the future but I dont think that 2010 will be the year we see all of this.

the uses of glasses can be a problem to some people. Like me I wear Glasses already so If I take them out and put the 3D ones The movie/Game might be in 36 but I wont see Squat which kinda blows.

I think that we'll see real 3D games in 2012.

FamilyGuy3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

"From the feature editorial:"

And that's where I stopped reading.

I know 3D ain't the next HD but why am I going to listen to what a 360 site has to say on the matter when the 360 is incapable of stereoscopic 3D?

"I think that we'll see real 3D games in 2012."
I agree, 2011 or 2012 since it'll only be releasing this year you can't expect much at launch.

UltimaEnder3211d ago

Gotta love all the talk about 3D gaming, not!

mattygamefreak3211d ago

It won't change the industry, just like Natal won't change gaming, nor the world.

borgome3211d ago

3D gaming will be sick, haven't you guys ever seen startrek, holodeck and shiat, thats how it will be eventually.

NateCole3211d ago

Funny this coming a x360 site. Not surprise.

3d is the future of movie and games weather you like it or not.

THE MAX SPEED 213211d ago

he just said that it probably wont happen in 2010.

Games take time to develop right? So is there any Games right now that's speculated to use 3D in 2010? No there is not And we already know pretty much most of the games that are coming out this year.

so that's why people think there will be in the future like 2011-2012 but not 2010.

Shendow3211d ago

GT5, Wipeout HD (If the develops are around)an some old PSN games, BurnOut P., Killzone 2 and LBP.

Look for the list, Sony has been showing most of those games off in 3D, maybe not in your living room but they have plans to do it and PS3 is the only gaming system that can handle huge updates.

jakethesnake3211d ago

3D televisions are still an untested market. The public at large has really been skeptical about upgrading TVs beyond HD. HD in itself is new enough that people look at new advances and say 'Why would I need that.' Whether 3D gaming comes in 2010 is different from whether it changes the industry in 2010. I doubt that there will be enough people with 3D sets in 2010 for 3D games to changes the industry. It might be the start of something (or it might be the start of a flop), but it won't be making any industry changing moves this year.

After all, it still remains to be seen if the 3D Tvs will even be able to hit the market this summer (and if anyone will buy them if they do). I think 2012 as an early estimate is safe, but that will depend in a big way on 3D HDTV sales.

Shendow3211d ago

Theirs been 3D Tv's out on the market already, now are they LCD or LED. That I don't know, but they do have some out but are rare to find to.

Knowing Sony, they will push for it to come out and they already been showing them off.

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