Dark Void DLC Coming Next Week

If you are still not satisfied with Capcom's Dark Void, a new DLC that will unlock the Survivor mode will be available starting next week, February 10th/11th for $4.99.

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vgn243209d ago

I hope the DLC somehow makes the game suck less? Is that possible? Maybe you download the content and it makes Dark Void a different game with a new title and characters? lol

BeaArthur3209d ago

haha, I only have one question....why? I would be interested to see who would actually be willing to throw more money at this piece of garbage.

Hellsvacancy3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

I didnt mind dark Void, i wouldnt of bought it i had it on a rental but it was alright ive played hell of alot worse, im lookin at u Prototype

4.99 to unlock Survivor mode is rip-off