Sony's 10 Year Plan Is Flawed, And Here's Why writes: "Sony's approach to the industry is not so much unique as it is bold: we're going to make consoles that last for decades. That's exactly what they did with the PlayStation 2 and it's exactly what they set out to do with the PlayStation 3. Will the PS3 make it, though?"

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SasanovaS19873207d ago

its 3 years in and it doesnt even feel like whats another 7 years? its a 10 year estimate in my opinion, but it can go 13-14 years easily

chrisnick3207d ago

This article wreaks of retarded guessing. Pioneers take risks, it's what makes them great. Will it last? It's not even 4 years old yet and based on the quality of stuff its putting out, I'm afraid for what they do for ps4. That reminds me, gotta save up my 1000 for that.

Lifendz3207d ago

Amazing how so many are basically saying Sony should've given us a PS2.5 and basically progress in tech in small incrimental steps.

Sorry man but I don't see why 10 years isn't plausible or a wise move. Look at how good the games look in what...year four of the life of the PS3. I know graphics aren't everything but it's usually the first indication that it's time for a new console. The way Sony keeps raising the bar I really think the ten year plan is possible.

And PSN is leaps and bounds better than it was just 3 years ago. I'd go as far as to say Sony has improved PSN more in the same timeframe than MS did Live.

So what's the rush? I paid 550.00 for a 60gb unit. I don't plan on spending that again (or any amount close to that) until 2016 regardless of what's out. So I guess in closing MS and Sony can do whatever they want so long as they continue to support the current consoles. After seeing how people that waited got the benefit of a cheaper PS3 or a 360 with a lower failure rate, I'm not buying a console within a year of launch ever again.

jcgamer3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

cause Ken Kutaragi said so! now BOW DOWN!

lol :)

Maddens Raiders3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

lol ::looks at the ME2 wallpaper plastered on the site::

Analog Hype? site should be called FUD Hype.

"If Microsoft were to introduce a new console at that point, and Sony keeps their focus on the PlayStation 3, then yes: it'll easily pass up the Xbox 360. What does that say, though? Microsoft will already be on their next console, making money on that one and leading the pack in the next generation of gaming technology (presumably)." if MS introduces some new big bad a$$ console with or without blu-ray and is rrod-free (hopefully) you presume they will be making a profit and kicking a$$?

good job wasting our time Quentyn Kennemer, but hey at least I know to avoid your future ramblings... moving along now..... >_>

nycredude3207d ago

The only people who thought it a better idea to release Ps2.5 are the xbox 360 fans becuase they are butthurt the console is looking more and more dated as the Ps3 is looking better and better.

Not that it means there are no games or no reasons to own a 360, as I have one and enjoy it also. Those who have both consoles will know what i am talking about.

pixelsword3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

The Cell processor/RSX combination.

Out of the Cell/B.E., GPU and FPGA, the Cell is not only the overall best of the three, but it's the easiest to program. This is according to Tony Williams, a man who not only has experience programming on all three, but spent an estimated two years worth of programming time on the Cell when most people were just getting familiar with it.

That means that people/companies that can't get a grip on the Cell really have no hope for the future unless they re-hire programmers or add new ones, essentially doubling their staff while only being half as productive.

So, not only is the PS3 ready to go 10 years, if programming techniques are used and/or improve (like the better than 16x AA example on The Saboteur) and techniques implemented to alter the lens aperture of the Blu-Ray to accept higher-capacity discs, the PS3 could go upwards of 15 years.

Simon_Brezhnev3207d ago

well look at who wrote it im not surprised

Giant_Chibi3207d ago

i say just report the article and move along.

Don't give these guys anymore attention than they deserve

edgeofblade3207d ago

This really exposes the flaw with the PS3 10-year plan. Their promises have locked their current-gen console, PS3, into a fight with next-gen consoles, Xbox "720". Sony can't just stand up and say "technology will not advance in the next ten years because we say so". They will have to compete with whatever happens in the next 10 years.

Of course, there is nothing stopping them from "supporting" the PS3 to that 10 year mark while they release a PS4 in another 3 years or so.

FamilyGuy3206d ago

I'm gonna guess the PS3 will be ahead of the 360 at or before the PS3 is 6 years old.

JD_Shadow3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

Why am I not surprised that YOU agree with this joke of an article coming from one of the usual suspects?

[email protected]: You said that ANALOGHYPE, a site that last year tried to bend N4G rules to flamebait their podcast further, exposed something. That's a joke in of itself. Sony should blacklist THESE guys. I would rather believe HHG above AH.

As for what you're saying, didn't MS say they weren't ready to release a new console, too? It's not like Sony is the only company that thinks their console is future proof. Only thing is, if MS really thinks that about their 360, THEY are the ones smoking the weed, not Sony.

sikbeta3206d ago

Hilarious when you read an article from a site called analog[hype] actually trying to teach a MultiNational Electronic Manufacturer and Entertainment Producer Company like SONY how to RUN Its BUSINESS, I mean Come On a nøøb trying to teach a Master is just Unbelievable

SO, How you Explain The PS2, being the less powerful Console compared to The Competition and STILL SELLING

The Ten Years Life Cycle is the Base of The PS3, you can't change that with an Article..

avengers19783206d ago

Of course it will, that's not saying that they won't come out with something else by year seven, but that being said they still support ps2 so why would they stop support for the ps3. Besides that they just keep improving the quaility of the system so ten years will be easy for them. Plus there really isn't technology out there currently that would vastly improve gaming so why come out with something else, the PS3 is the top of the tech food chain... If the question is can the 360 or wii go ten years then no way. Both are lacking blu-ray drives, and that alone makes them need to improve there hardware.

edgeofblade3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

@darkpower: Fine, I'll rephrase it to come to a conclusion independent of this article, which while makes several good points, is still baised as all f**k.

Sony claiming they were on a 10-year cycle is meaningless, confusing marketing-speak designed to excite only the lowest IQs of Sony fanboys. Everyone else in the world takes one look at the statement are realizes it has no meaning, Sony's going to weasel out of it by abusing the "spirit" of the promise, and it's the standard corporate chest-beating everyone does.

Can we please bury this crappy marketing-speak and move on with it?

@ABOVE RE-EDIT: Oh, I have no doubt Microsoft will be driven to release a new console before Sony does. I won't debate that. But Sony is the one making promises. Microsoft isn't tied down by anything other than what the market will bear.

boodybandit3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

*rolls-eyes whiles scratching head, shrugs shoulder, turns and walks away*

SaberEdge3206d ago

The PS3 will be around for 10 or more years, but it won't be Sony's main console all those years. In a couple years the next Playstation will come out and will become the focus of Sony and most third parties.

Same goes for the Xbox 360. It will be supported for 10 or more years like Microsoft has said, but it won't be their main console once the next Xbox launches.

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Bnet3433207d ago

I thought Sony was making a profit with the PS3 Slim? Either way, I'm sure they will be making a profit in the next couple of years. We'll be seeing the Xbox 360 and PS3 releasing games in the next 5 years. These machines are powerful and I'm most certain no one has tapped all the power out of them.

STK0263207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

Will we still see 360 and PS3 games in 5 years? absolutely. Will the PS3 or the X360 be the flagship system for either company? Not a chance.

I find it amusing when a company (MS, Sony or Nintendo) talks about a ten year plan. Sure, when the console launches, it makes sense to tell potential customers that their product will last for 10 years and is therefor worth every single penny they're paying at launch, since it will entertain them for 10 years. Little do they say about the fact that their next console will be out in less than 7-8 years.

For example, the venerable PS2, which is, as far as I know, entering its 10th year on the market, received Persona 4 in 2008 (NA), I haven'T seen anything worth my time or money on the PS2 after that. To me, the PS2 lived about 9 years, which is quite impressive, don't get me wrong, but it "died" the day P4 arrived (at least, to me it did).

It really depends on what your understanding of "10 year lifespan" is. To some, having the system on the shelves, with a few games per year, others will count a system as alive, even if it's only being sold in South America. But, believing in a "true" 10 year lifespan seems ridiculous to me, the PS3 got here in 2006, 6 years after the PS2, and the moment the PS3 launched, it started sucking the momentum out of the PS2, thanks to new technology and possibilities. The same will happen with the PS4, once it launches, the PS3 will slowly start to die, it might survive 10 years on the shelves, but game releases will be sparse and its appeal for "non-casual player" will go down quite quickly.

BTW, I used the PS3/4 as an example, but the same could be said about any video game system, may it be a home console or a handheld system.

nycredude3207d ago

Dude I don't know what the heck you are ranting about, but not a single word you said is fact, just your opinion. Opinions are like as*holes, everyone has one, and they all stink.

And just a harmless question, why don't you use the xbox and xbox 360 as an example? Oh wait... where IS the xbox?

STK0263206d ago

Well, please enlighten me with your facts and tell me which console lasted a full 10 years on the market without having it's successor come out before the end of said 10 years. Or maybe you have some examples of game consoles thriving more than two years after the release of their back then "next generation" consoles?

When the PS2 launched, the PSOne line-up quickly dried-up, the same happened to the PS2 once the PS3 was on the market, developers, mostly first party one may I add, moved on to the new tech. And, since it would seem you believe this to be an all out attack on the playstation family, I will gladly include other examples. When the Cube launched, the N64 became irrelevant, when the Wii launched, the Cube was already irrelevant. The Xbox died in 4 years, the 360 came out in 2005, the original Xbox had already been killed by Microsoft. When the DS launched in late 04, the GBA line-up, once an unstoppable force, died a slow death with a handful of noteworthy titles.

As for my point, I thought it was quite a simple one, guess I was wrong, so I'll rewrite it so that every one can understand it : Consoles do not have a "true" 10 years lifespan, they might stay on the market for 10 years, but once their successor enters the arena, most developers move on, leaving the older console left with little more than shovel ware games.

Oh, and Nycredude, while you might think I'm being hostile toward you, I'm not, I'm actually glad to see someone explain himself rather than the too usual stealth disagrees.

blackboyunltd3207d ago

sony needs to revamp its entire gameplan

sikbeta3206d ago

And you Need a LIFE...PAL


Meryl3207d ago

sigh another anti-ps3 article

Knightrid8083206d ago

I've noticed them popup more every time Sony post their numbers. Needless to say, a good chunk of those articles are written by dumbasses trying to gain hits and not realizing in the long run their website's name will be tarnished.

raztad3207d ago

Another day, another fail article/"prediction" . Those "analysts" have been dooming the PS3 for quite a while but it just keeps doing better and better.