Aion Tops Internet Cafe Rankings In Korea

NCsoft's latest title is still flying high, according to the latest figures.

Aion is the most played game in South Korean internet cafes by a wide margin, snapping up 17% of all customers. World of Warcraft is languishing in 5th place with just 5%.

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Leord3207d ago

StarCraft 1, being like a decade old is #3...

Maticus3207d ago

That's pretty impressive... considering WoW's numbers it must be HUGE over there o,O

Leord3207d ago

All Blizz games together is just a slight 1.5% points more than Aion. Pretty impressive indeed!

Cogo3207d ago

Isn't this usually the case in Korea? Didn't Hellgate: London also have an elevation in play the first couple of weeks/months/whatever?

AndyA3207d ago

Not too surprising, it's been steadily gaining momentum.

Leord3207d ago

I haven't been following the media. How is it doing in the west?

LoVeRSaMa3207d ago

Badly, the servers are dying, less and less people every week

LoVeRSaMa - Castor [ENG]

Cogo3207d ago

My my...

IS this another crappy Asian game, or something with actual substance?

Raf1k13207d ago

It's actually pretty good.

Hopefully it'll improve over time as it's worth playing but ends up a bit of a grind when you get to 30ish.

Malfurion3207d ago

It is massive in Asia, with good reason too IMO.